Dogs Heaven

Dogs Heaven

Her mother was ailing with pain, but he being born three and a half month ago, didn’t know what to do, so he sticked close to her wounded body and licked her nose, sadly that didn’t worked out well and her mother died on the pavement of NH24, that connected Agra to Delhi. He remained near the body until the next morning when cleaner arrived, stuffed the blood soaked body of the mother and threw it on the dumping ground, near Badarpur. He tried hard to not allow them to touch the body, but apparently his struggle invited two kicks on the butt and stomach. He cried in pain, and ran behind the bushes, saw them stuffing the body of his mother in a black plastic bag. He stood behind the tree and saw her go, his eyes were wet. “Abediu Mama,” he said gently lifting up his paws.
A human being might lose interest in life and commit the sin of killing oneself, but animal don’t do that. They continue living against all odds, they neither lose hope nor interest in life. He grew every day, ate on the scrambled pieces of kulche and chole from nearby stall, sometime bits of boiled chicken falls from the stall of momos he rushed there before the gruesome gang of Black came howling in there embarked territory. For some unknown reason he liked chicken too much.

He slept in the parking lot of sales tax office located near the main road. Sometime the guards of parking area, brought biscuits and milk for him. He wag his tail in amusement and thanked them by licking their big black boots. Soon he forgot his mother and lived in the parking for some two-three months, until a severe dog smelling van arrived. He was half asleep when he saw a man in blue shirt approaching towards him, he didn’t care much. But suddenly the man threw a strange smelling net towards him. He was trapped. They put him inside the van. He was clueless, cried with fear. The van took a halt at certain parts of city and catched some more dogs. Some were big while other were small, some smell nice like food while other like drain. Some had big mouth while some were dwarf. He had no idea where he was going. After two hunger time, the van stopped inside a veterinary hospital, all the dogs were pulled outside and taken into a big hall which had cages and thousands of other dogs. He was kept in a cage adjacent to which there was a sweet smelling bitch with short tail and shiny nose. He suddenly felt strange feeling, he didn’t know how to respond to such stimulation, so he lie straight and looked at her with his toung out.

She obviously ignored such attention as it was quiet common for her. He was there for at least four hunger time then the blue shirt man put a collor around his neck and threw him in a big pool of water, and rubbed his whole body with a sweet smelling conditioner. He was then washed and dried, then packed inside a cardboard box that has big hole for his head to come out. From there he was directly shifted to a pet shop of Chanakyapuri.

There he was kept along with the sweet smelling and short tailed bitch. He felt a little elevation in his heartbeat whenever she put a glance over his body. He was shy, and tried to keep a distance. Even when the food was served, there was a common bowl for them. He waited for her to finish then he licked and eat the small pieces of dog food that were left by the bitch. Things were like this until one day the bitch was sold to a big guy who was accompanied by a beautiful slim, autumn smelling women. He was left alone in the cage with nothing but the remembrance of the short tail.

He loosed weight and become very thin. Customer didn’t like him at all. All they were looking for was a fine species that could bark on strangers, pick up their newspaper, eat the left overs, reproduce a fine progeny etc etc.

He was nothing of that sort. He could hardly stand due to the weakness. A vet came every week to look after the pets at shop. After examination he gave him medical treatment for a week at his hospital, but it was a sort of disease that was known to be incurable. He was left on its own fate near New Delhi Railway Station, where Mr Kapoor’s second granddaughter Tinni picked him up and urged her grandpa to take him Home. First he denied but then the dog remind him of his own old mate, Chi-chi whome he lost years ago.

Mr Kapoor was a big ‘The Old Yeller’ fan of his own time. It was just a thin veiled strictness that he carry over for no particular reason, his family use to refer it, ‘the army discipline’, Tinni knew her grandfather, she just made her ‘Please dada ji’ face, Mr kapoor agreed.

After a month or two, the dog didn’t showed much improvement, Tinni felt sad, heartbroken and sometimes disgusted.

When she threw the ball and expect the young, yet old mate of hers to rush and carry it, he doesn’t even wag his tail, then She kicked him in the gut ferociously. He cried in a high pitched voice.

The Dog didn’t see the next morning. Tinni felt miserable and relieved both at the very same time. He was picked up and buried in the backyard of Kapoor’s mansion in Civil Lines.

With time that passed by his body balkanized into more primitive matter where as his soul dangled around his mother’s body in, a world away from the cruelty, mismanagement and unauthentic dog expressions on Instagram, the peaceful Dogs Heaven.



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