We all live in this prosperous country India and being a citizen of India I am really proud of it. But our country is not so well known amongst other countries. Why is it considered backward and non modern? We all wear western clothes and follow other trends of western countries, then in what sense are we non modern?


We are non modern from our inner self from our perspective and from our thinking. We are selfish and judgmental. When we see a girl walking alone at night wearing a dress we misinterpret her and comment on her values. Who gives us the right to do that?

We have changed our outer selves by wearing the latest trends and adopting new habits but we are still very backward from our thinking and it is time to discover our true inner selves being loyal to ourselves and try to enhance it and nourish it with good thoughts and modern thinking.


When we water a plant it grows and becomes greener in the same way when we water ourselves with positive thoughts our inner self grows and we tend to think positive always. Indian men believe they are the head of the family and hence have all the responsibility towards their home but when this responsibility turns into taking all the decisions for home it becomes a disadvantage. As we all know more of anything is bad. If he thinks he has the responsibility and hence start taking all the decisions it is the misuse of the authority and hence is termed as male chauvinism when he tries to make things work according to himself and tries to dominate other family members according to his wishes. He starts believing he earns and therefore people should work according to his will.


In this world of pity, negative attitude people we really need to bring in the best in ourselves. We have to change our thinking and try to become more patient and less arrogant.

Women drinking alcohol is still considered a taboo because there are set rules and regulations according to which a women should do something. We were the ones to set these useless rules and we have to be the one to remove them. Mental illness is still considered a stereotype and everyone starts labelling a person ‘psycho’ or ‘mad’ if he visits a clinic of psychiatrist. But mental illness needs to be cured with as much willingness and importance as a physical illness.


There are typical ways a girl should be with a boy because if she becomes too close a boy starts misinterpreting it for something else.

In some places having a girl child itself is a crime but those people are fool not to understand they have an opportunity to have a child because of a girl.


It is high time all must take an individual action and make our lives better by taking small steps which will make a huge difference. Try to change your inner self today and try to judge yourself before you judge any other person.

Jessica Budhwani

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