Demonetisation : mind blowing or disgusting

Demonetisation : mind blowing or disgusting

Yesterday I was worshipped,

Today I am just a piece of paper

Yesterday people worth me,

Today I am used as a snack wrapper










Yes… you all are guessing it right, I am here with my very first article on the hot topic and that is demonetization. So as you all know that on 8th of November Mr. Narendra Modi had exploded a silent bomb for many people who deal only in black money and which is the main reason for the increasing corruption. And it was none other than the ban of 1000 and 500 rupees notes. The mission to keep it as a secret till the announcement which was done by the prime minister only .As the news popped up on the television screens with the information showing that from midnight the two respective currency notes will be of no use, citizens have to go to the bank for exchanging the notes . With the little shock that all the banks would be close for two days and after that the banks will be open and will work even on Saturdays and Sundays of the current month. And all the government petrol pumps are required to accept the old notes till 11th, that was the time in which the people started uploading photos ,information, videos regarding all this

It’s impact:

It had a tremendous and unforgettable impact on the rich as well as on middle class and poor .People saw various sacks flowing in rivers and drains which were full of notes and the particular deed was accomplished by some rich idiots who had no idea of what to do with their black money which now is of no use. Many people suffered from heart attack as of basis that they have black money like the oil wells, many people at that time went to jewellers and asked to exchange the money with the gold, and it was the time when jewellers too got an urge of earning more from the availing situation. The very next day all the newspaper had the same heading regarding PM’s expected step. Everything just happened so suddenly that no one was able to even react properly .Later on, after two days banks were full with the long queues of people for exchanging their old notes, depositing them, withdrawing from atm.

Moreover, it covered all the sources of social media on the day itself when the election news of the America was about to arrive on television. Till last the moment nobody was aware of what is going to be happen. It is indeed a major shock for those who held bags and sacks of black money. All the newspapers are flashing daily news on the various other steps taken by government after this crucial decision such as –raiding on the places where black marketeers  could be found, setting the limit of each account to Rs. 50,000 .


Mindset of Prime Minister:

Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi ji always had a dream to see a developed India and he has pulled up his socks to make it as it should be, he also relinquish his speech in Goa when he came back , targeting the points :

  1. His reason behind doing this
  2. How his strategy got successful
  3. His apology to citizens who are facing problems
  4. A request to get time of 50 days
  5. And his promise to get corruption out of country

This definitely means that when he says something he does it, he never poked back to those who insulted him and said bad words about him. He also said a heart winning line that “I do not care if I am alone I have the passion to fulfil my dream and I will work hard for it”.

My Hearty Gratitude:

Friends, I know it is being hard and tough for all of us to go bank and face the problems in our daily lives only because of this change. But we only wanted the corruption to be buried and our own country to be free of this malicious practice .And now the situation is in front of us we only are taking our steps backward .Why are we doing so?  Just because we are facing pity problems or there is a corrupted human inside us telling us to do so, think of it guys!

I am with Modi ji as what he did was a crucial step which was to be taken anyhow to save our country. He always warned the citizens to pay the taxes and to deposit the money in their respective accounts, but we did not listen to our Government .So they are completely right for each and every decision. He alone cannot do everything we should him by stopping the one who is taking bribe and by paying our taxes on time. Other country’s leaders are taking our example for themselves .And we are not praising our leader .We should support NAMO .We should be proud to have him as our leader.

I do request to all of you please read my article and if you like my article, do give it a thumbs up and please comment below .Till then take care.


Komal Chandnani

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