Defeat the sorrow of Breakup

Kuchh baatein yaad reh jaati hain

Kuch yaadien saath nibhati hain

Tum ho to nahi ,par dil me kahin

Tumhari kami aj bhi muje rulati hai….

Parted Ways


Sometimes it is meant to be or sometimes we want it to happen .A couple doesn’t want it to exist in their life ever .Yes, I am talking about breakup .The breakup is not just a word ,it has a very deeper meaning .It can be personified as an arrow which is hit at the back and causes severe pain. But nowadays in our generation girls and boys take it so lightly as if nothing happened at all .Whereas there are some people who merely get into a serious relationship and they do not ever wish their relationship to be broken in any way .But when this happens they go into deep frustration, and list of things happen with them:

  1. They lock themselves in a room where there is nobody
  2. They open their phone’s gallery in every 2 minutes to look at the photos of their beloved ones
  3. They laugh alone while recalling the past moments and then cry a lot
  4. They send texts , or call them again and again
  5. Everytime they seem to be disappointed and sad
  6. Some people start drinking and eating more food
  7. Some start thinking bad for the person they loved once
  8. Some leave the city
  9. Some people stop enjoying their lives
  10. But the most saddest thing happens when a person takes his own life just because his or her breakup


We all own same hearts and same brains .It is all about how much we are allowing our mind and our heart to react to a particular person .I know it is very hard to erase all those pleasing memories from our minds or to move ahead in our lives but the best thing is ,it is not impossible. We only do not even give a single try to it .Why we also remain in a deep sigh because we want to .At times we also blame God for what all happened with us ,Why? What has he done? The answer is “nothing”,we only are responsible for this. I know very well, what it feels when you had gone through a breakup and you do not even know what to do ,how to live alone, how to forget everything? But you can follow some of the things which can help to overcome your breakup:

Hardest Good Bye


  • Expunging all the stuff: The hardest and painful thing to do in the world is erasing all those memories which are connected to your beloved ones ,as it is the first suitable step to move ahead and to start your life in a new gear .


  • Cry but only a single and last time: If you want to pull out all the frustration from yourself ,then the best way for this is crying and crying alone , when nobody is watching over you, this will undoubtedly remove your frustration.


  • Start doing what you like and love: At this time do not even think of anybody as they do not know what you have gone through ,roam at the places where you love or eat whatever you like.


  • Make as many friends as you can: Friends heel all the wounds just like time does, so it is better to be with friends when you are alone and feeling sad so you do not even get some time to remember that person and his memories too.


  • Get indulge with some work: Work makes you tired and there is no time to think about anyone when you are at work .It will keep you busy during the day, and because of tiresome day you will get a peaceful sleep.


  • Drinking is not a solution: Alcohol is not the ultimate solution to get over what happened, you should always remember “an excess of anything is bad”. Consume alcohol but don’t let alcohol consuming you.
  • Your life is precious:  Don’t end up your own beautiful life which God has given you, live it to the fullest. Don’t ever make it a slave for anyone to rule over it.



Care about all those people who truly care about you .Care about all those people who love you with all your flaws .Your life is crucial for them, and those people will always be your parents and close ones. If you have gone through a bad relationship in your life. Then don’t ever let that faulty rubbish matter ruin your whole life .Have courage in your heart and motivational plans in your mind.

Destiny played it’s part

May you all be happy and cheerful .So guys see you next time , hope you all like this article of mine . God bless




Komal chandnani




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