Dear Sushant, I’m Sorry..

Dear Sushant, I’m Sorry..

My Dear Friends

I’m writing this not to talk about some spiritual, Psychological, or fictional stuff. I’m not going to talk about five simple ways to do this or to do that. I’m writing this l to just put all my emotions into this place and express myself as honestly as I can.

On 14th of June, 2020, A well known Hindi film actor, Sushant Singh Rajput found dead in his flat. Now people might say that every day a dozen people commit suicide in our nation, so why am I talking about him only, if I’m going to talk about suicide? Well, Let’s read on to discover.

Whenever I see that guy’s interview, I don’t see a superstar. I see myself. I see a guy who is working hard to make a place in an industry where a few families are ruling for generations. I see that vulnerability which I find in the eyes of the people like you and me. A person who believes that hard work is the key. A guy, who tries to fit in a place where he never belonged to. I see a common man, who loves to express himself, his creativity to the mass.

I understand that stardom is the part of this field, I’m not denying it, but why is it so that it is enjoyed by only a handful of people? Why is it so that the reward of all your hard work is measured by the idiotic and scripted awards you receive? Why is it so that the level of your creativity is measured by your six-pack abs or the kind of sensual scenes you are performing on the screen? Why is it so that one’s fame is measured by how many chatshows he or she is attending, sitting around a coffee table, and uttering nonsense?

What I believe is, films are nothing but a larger medium to tell your stories, nothing more and nothing less. Just like other mediums of storytelling, one has the capability to connect with one’s audience. But everything, in film making, is done at a much larger level.

The question arises here, that how and why the hell all this nonsense stuff enter into this industry? If I may answer this question, I’ll suggest you to stand and walk towards the mirror and you’ll see the person who is actually responsible for all this. Yes, you are responsible. I’m responsible. We all are responsible. As an audience, we failed in understanding the genuine creativity and talent. You and I are responsible for a person’s death. Just because, as slaves, we are serving a handful of people, generation after generation. We are responsible for his death because we demanded item numbers instead of good stories. We ran behind those so-called celebrities the privileged ones for autographs and photographs. We ardently watch those idiotic stories in the form of television serials whose name begins with the letter “k”. Or some of the movies with repetitive stuff, where the protagonist removes his shirt, showing off his bulging muscles and beating up the antagonist.

Who is demanding all this? Who is enjoying all this? You and me.

Who has made these star kids great? You and me?

We need to understand that in the face of giving a story a commercial angle, they are controlling our minds and ruining our lives.

And in all this, who is suffering the most? The people who are climbing up the ladder of the hierarchy with all their hard work and in return what they are getting? Criticism from the people who are far less creative, but more privileged. Not only that, but those handful of people are also trying to boycott his cinema and keeping him under their knees.

See, It is you and me who have created these common people celebrities. Yes, that’s bad news. But the good news is, You and I together can genuinely take that fame and that feeling from someone in a couple of months. That will be the true answer to the people who have controlled our minds, our thought process for so long.

Every time I close my eyes, I see his face, His vulnerable face.

This time Sushant has lost his life, Next time there can be someone else.

This time it was the film industry, next time maybe it will happen in some other industry.

This will not stop unless we get back to our senses and start appreciating the deserving one not the one who came from the back door.

Last, as an audience, I deeply apologize to Sushant. I failed as an audience to see and appreciate your talent.

I’ll see you at some other realm, some other time, watching you play some more characters. And in that story, there will be a happy ending.

Om Shanti:

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