While walking to my tuition which is ten minutes away, I come across dogs on my path. They aren’t just one or two but more than a dozen. My society itself has more than two dozen dogs. I consider my society to be pet friendly except a few jerks which harass them unnecessarily.

There is a different joy in counting dogs on my way and feeding them with packets of Parle G that I carry for them in my bag. Counting them to me is mindfulness. There is no distraction only clarity. I consider them to be my companion. For that moment, I feel as if they are communicating to me and showing their love for me.


Many people hate dogs or are scared of them. It is their fear or hatred that tortures the bezubaan ( those who cannot speak for themselves and their rights). Even when I was a kid, I was afraid of dogs. I saw something really scary in my initial years. I saw a dog biting a woman down the street which eventually led to her death. This made me fearful of them. But as I grew up, I learnt about how contact with things that scare you will eventually make you feel comfortable dealing with it later . I learnt this technique called systematic desensitisation by Joseph Wolpe, a renowned psychologist, two years back. This made me get rid of my fears and eventually led to my adoration for them. They have turned into my friends now.

( Replace the spider with dog)

Have you ever faced something like this before where you were scared of something at first and later became fond of it? Have you ever cultivated strange habits like counting dogs on your way to make you feel calmer? Have you ever overcome your fears?

Write back about such anecdotes to me. I would love to hear from you. Until next time.

Love, Manushreya

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