Control – The Treacherous Moon

Author – Tushar Janjalkar

Creative Vibes Rating – 4/5

Genre – Fiction (Thriller)

Pages – 225

ISBN- 978-93-84028-17-6

Publication House – Om Ji Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.


They say your acts resemble the machinations of your thoughts. But the great question is: Are your thoughts, your feelings really yours? The financial capital of the world, New York, is terror-stricken. Death is crawling forth from the sewers, every full moon nights. On each occasion, an Indian is found involved and the diplomatic relations between the two countries are at breaking point. NYP detective John is continuously failing to track down the true perpetrators behind these incidents. The situation worsens when John’s case causes a threat to his love, Disha, a neurologist. Alongside, her security becomes his priority. When Disha learns that it’s not just her life at stake and her own past has united with the present in the cabal to ruin the future of many lives, she secretly sets out to uncover the mystery. Will Disha and John succeed in their journeys? Or will end up losing everything including their love? And above all, will the secret of moon ultimately be revealed? To discover grab your copies fromHERE



It’s a hardcore, nail biting thriller which makes you think beyond the common man’s possibilities and beliefs. The explanation of each and every incident is just incredible. Most important thing while reading a thriller is that how the author ends one chapter so that the reader turns the page and read the next chapter right there, right then. The author justifies that skill very well. Imagining this kind of plot is itself an amazing thing, and sketching the apt characters is something incredible. The constant pressure that the reader feels while reading this makes him involve more into the story and the plot. Though it was a bit dramatic in between, but the whole story covers that up.

What I love About the Book

I personally love John’s and Disha’s character. I’m much fascinated with undercover cops, spy and so on. The connection between each incident is just amazingly explained. And when the suspense got revealed at the end, trust me, I felt the silence for a minute in my heart. If you like reading thrillers, this will surely quench your thirst.


What I found a little inappropriate

There were many typing errors in the book. It disturbs the reader when he reads the book in a flow, and that to a thriller. So, I personally felt that to catch the reader’s attention, these things should be avoided.


I’ll appreciate the imaginative skills of the author. This is something which is hard to think of. It gives a Sci-fi touch to the whole story and each and every plot is justified. Even after so many characters all together, the Author tied them up so well.


Three words to conclude

  • Nail Biting
  • Fast paced
  • Awesome

Kudos to the Author


Stay Tuned for More

Love, Laughter & Peace

Himanshu R Nagpal


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