Hello All, I have written before on the topics like Gratitude, Anger management, Inspiration etc. Today’s topic can be linked to that zone only. Control the controllable is an approach which is being used by individuals, teams and companies in a positive and productive way. We all are living in the era of competition. Pressure is everywhere, and every field. Be it Engineering/IT/Management/HR, we all are facing work pressure issues. However, this work pressure can be diminished by applying this approach. This approach says we should focus on whatever is in our bucket to control. And should ignore whatever is beyond our control. Is it simple to apply? Yes, do you agree?

I got to write about this today because, our leader in office talked about this approach on a call. He simply said try to do something differently in the work which is been assigned to you. Is it a virtuous way? Sounds good, right? Focus and improve the method of your work and try to do things in a better way. Don’t waste energy and time on the things which seems out of your control, that can be managed later. Solutions are always there, right? Just need to have an intense vision. Analyze yourself every day, rate yourself, try to do quality work. You should be recognizable by others. If you apply this seriously, you will find a change in yourself and in the behavior of others towards you. People will start appreciating you, and you will feel more confident.

See I am not talking about any specific work or designation. It can be applicable on all sorts of work or businesses. At the end of the day what we all seek? Satisfaction, right? You always look forward for that night when you can sleep without any obligation in your mind, in a fully satisfied way or with a calm beautiful feeling. With a feeling of satisfaction that the day has well spent. So, it is possible, it is in our hands when we apply Control the controllable.

For example: Two persons’ A and B have certain project to complete respectively. Now they have 1-5 activities assigned to them. They are able to do 1,2, 4 and 5 activity smoothly. But they are facing some issue with activity 3.

Person A approach: He completed activity 1 and 2, tried to do activity 3 but failed, he raised the concern, he contacted IT technical personnel who can help him to resolve this issue, but they said it will take around 5-6 days to get the issue resolved. So Mr. A realized that activity 4 and 5 can be done without any delays and failures. So meanwhile he started doing activity 4 and 5 and his project got completed on time without much suspensions.

Person B approach: He completed activity 1 and 2, tried to do activity 3 but failed, he raised the concern, he contacted IT technical personnel who can help him to resolve this issue, but they said it will take around 5-6 days to get the issue resolved. So person B waited and focused on activity 3 only, he kept himself and his manager in trouble, by deciding that first I will try to solve problem in activity 3 then only I will move ahead. He wasted around 5 days, when he got the solution for activity 3 then he proceeded for next activities and completed the project.

Now you can easily understand who is smart out of two. Person A applied control the controllable approach.

To apply this approach firstly take out some leisure time, open your laptop or take a pen and paper. And make a list of things or activities in your scope of work. Make sort of below table, and try to maintain it for some days. Soon, You will get used to it.

Can Control Can’t Control Improvement Yes or No
1.Doing my daily activities without error 1.Natural calamity/ Weather Yes or No

I am sure; you can identify the difference between controllable and non- controllable. Controllable – the things which a person owns and can directly manipulate. Non-controllable: those things that are outside a person’s control that can impact desired results. So, when you pay attention towards the work which is in yours to do list, it can happen that the work is very tough and you face challenges in the execution period. But when you successfully deliver that, you gain confidence, and you learn too.

That learning helps you to do the next work more efficiently. So, this approach is really helpful and fruitful for all of us. Which is non- controllable just leave that, try to manage it if possible otherwise just ignore. Taking tension is not the solution. When things are out of control, why we focus on that and waste time? It gives only anger and failure. Try to do which gives you happiness. Feel happy, share happiness, feel confident.

I read somewhere, attitude, appearance and Work ethics are in your “Can control” bucket. Am I right? You can do wonders by working on these three. I believe Attitude – if you interact with others with a positive attitude, it matters a lot. Appearance – if you look good, people try to interact with you. And you spread a positive feel around you. Work Ethics – Make some important rules to follow – examples may be – try to prioritize the work, try to do quality work and yes don’t mix personal and professional life. Both have equal importance. Happy Learning.

Be happy, keep smiling and count your Blessings !!

Beena Himthani


  1. Nice Beena u pick the thread from today’s call & delivered with clarity simple known realized yet not implemented message
    Thanks Keep it up All the Best!

  2. Very true.Nicely articulated Beena.Thanks for sharing.Keep writing such thoughts.You have great skill and potential…

  3. Very well written, Beena!! A very good message delivered in a simple u and
    elegant way…I really appreciate you for your time and skill…

  4. Nicely written. Definitely we can apply these thoughts in our daily to daily work schedule and we can come up with more positive results. 🙂


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