Hey everyone, I hope you are doing well with Lord’s grace. So today’s blog has been on my mind for a really long time. I am going to share with you all some confessions- My confessions as a book lover. Here you go.



Ever lied to your parents or girlfriend and boyfriend that you are unwell and sleeping?While actually, you were finishing the most gripping pages of a book you were currently reading. Well, we have never been guilty of this act unless we were caught red handed.



Has reading made you ignore the chaos of the world and let it all happen? We all have our pretty quiet corner to sit ,read and ignore the extraneous variables in the surrounding.



There is always a subconscious urge to buy new books, keep smelling them and pass on to our children and grandchildren. We all have dreamt of having a mini book corner or library at our homes. I pray that we will be able to create our own happy places where the world ceases to exist.


The planning to visit the library, search the books by our favourite writer and read a bit and ponder some more and get lost in our wild imagination. Library and book cafes have been a constant companion in the good and bad times. I heard someone say- ” I keep returning to the library no matter how happy or sad I maybe. The books just console me without any of my talking unlike humans.”

The introvert in us has used a book to ignore the senseless conversations around but sit and explore about this wide world in finite time of our life.

The extrovert in us carefully chose to discuss about books to find out who belongs to our tribe of bookworms and who does not. Well, this is what happened on first day of college where groups were formed on the basis of what books one read and love. Funny, isnt it! to have such a criteria to make friends.

There are days when we are broke by splurging on hardcovers and books which have limited copies and then desperately wait for our salaries and pocket money.

And the confessions are never ending . Let me know which one is relatable in your case.See you next time. Until then, take care of yourselves and keep singing along the tunes of our lives.

Love, Manushreya

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