Confessions of a Book Lover – 2

Confessions of a Book Lover – 2

Books are the best friends, this is universal saying. Rather, I would say books are great teachers. We may not be learning through academic books, but we learn a lot through other books. Be it non fictional or even fictional books, learning is always there. I just wonder how people survive without reading. Though, there are many who are not much into reading.

I totally relate to the previous blog on Confessions of a Book Lover written by Manushreya. We are sometimes so obsessed with reading that we just forget the real world and escape in our small world of books and stories. I remember, I used to hide my story books inside the text books and used to read till late night. My mom was happy to see me studying delicately, however she was not aware of the fact.

Books are my precious friends, who give me peace and stress-free environment. If I am not in a good mood, or I am not feeling like talking to anyone, I hide myself into my reading world. Second biggest confession is, during my college if I am reading an interesting book, and if I observed that college is not going interesting these days, I would take a sick leave and stay at home to finish reading that interesting book.

So, confessions are many regarding reading and writing in my life story. I was not a voracious reader initially, I used to start a book and leave that after one or two chapters. However gradually, I saw my sisters reading book by book at a good reading speed, so that inspired me, and I got into reading race. I have huge love for books, and I always recommend reading to all my friends and relatives. Books are very loyal friends one can have, they would always give you a return negative or positive but once you complete a book, you keep thinking for some time about the return you got from it.

I got so much into reading that I almost touched all genres, I like to read variety of it. But my favorite genres are Romantic and inspirational books non – fiction. My sister used to read lot of suspense thrillers like Agatha Christie and Sydney Shelton books, but I could not develop that taste. Eventually I started writing blogs, and then got into participating for various anthologies in which I submitted many stories and poems. So, friends, this heaven on Earth. Writing and Reading are my therapies to pull me out from stress or any issue.

I remember when I was in my hometown Bhopal, whenever I used to go for shopping to new market, I used to visit a book store “Variety book house”, it is my favorite store till date. They have a huge variety of books be it any genre and have a good stationery stuff too. I loved visiting there, so it was confirmed that I would do shopping other stuff or not, but I would buy books from that store.

So Guys, Happy Reading to all, and please post your confessions in comments section. Would love to read.

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Be happy, keep smiling and count your blessings!

Beena Himthani

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