Author –  Vinod Gairola

Creative Vibes Rating – 4/5

Genre – Fiction

Pages – 178

ISBN- 978-93-52015-54-2

Publication House – Leadstart corp



A messiah will be born to fight evil that will find and destroy the rich, greedy and vain. He will gain your confidence long enough to get his hands on your money and make you believe he is an old friend that you have not seen in years. A rampant con game is being registered in the country, targeting mainly NRIs. They have been conned by different con men either by a tourist guide, a real estate agent. The scams range from street cons, business cons, internet cons and some home improvement cons. The twist in this con game happens when ACP Malik the investigating officer, gets prior strong evidence about the next planned robbery of that con man. However, he realises that all the clues seem to be coming just to him. Is this because of his hard work or has he been tricked into some con game?
The plot rebuilds when the identity of the con man reveals as the secret service officer of the Indian government and all of his cons were found to save the life of a terrorist. Who was this terrorist? to know, grab your copies from HERE




Con is something which is quite easy to show it on a screen, but it is much of a task while writing. The author has very well explained each and every thing that it felt that i’m watching a movie. Clean and Perfect. When we think about Con, we feel that this is something wrong. But nothing is wrong if it is done with a good motive. India is undoubtedly a liberal country and some people takes unnecessary benefits of that liberty. The sole motive of the author is not to show Con as a crime but as something to uplift the society. He described the other side of the terrorism. The social message on which the author focus and that too in a different way, is just incredible.

What I love About the Book


The description of each and every con is just marvellous. It’s beyond the one’s imagination and i had fun reading each one of them. Taking different religious scriptures as a base and framing a character out of it is something worth appreciating.

What I found a little inappropriate

The story is complete in itself but I think it is not edited properly. It breaks the reader’s flow and he or she has to stop in between to catch what’s going on.



It’s a hard core movie material and it’s quite different from the thrillers, mysteries and other fictions out there. The minute details of every con and every incident is amazingly explained. There are few characters, less drama, less confusion.

Three words to conclude

  • Mind- Blowing

  • Gripping

  • Awesome

Kudos to the Author


Stay Tuned for More

Love, Laughter & Peace

Himanshu R Nagpal


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