Communication Gap!!

Beena says – I am not going to talk to Dinesh now, how can he forget my birthday? Okay, I know he is very busy these days, working overtime, still, I am his best friend. He must have got my birthday notification on FB, still did not get time ?? how is it possible? I am really boiling by anger…

Dinesh says – Ohh, I couldn’t wish Beena yesterday. I thought I will wish her by personally calling her, but I got busy during the daytime and then traveled to a remote area to the factory where mobile network just got vanished. She must be annoyed. But I remember that she did not congratulate me on my promotion, I am really angry with her.

Hello Guys!! Is this the example of Communication Gap?? Yeah.. right? This is called being judgemental without discussion.

Do this happen with all of us? Not exactly the same situation but more or less we all face this communication gap many times.Communication is perfect when the message from the sender is conveyed to the recipient with the same understanding. Right? Then what causes this gap?

This is the era of technology, we think we are more connected to people through social media. We can share our feelings through messages and chats, not required to call or meet. However, the question is, are we connected with our closed ones? Are we calling our parents every day if we are staying in different cities? No, right? We are busy we do not have time, but we have time to change our status on whats app, we have time to change the display picture at FB, we have time to like and comment on posts of friends.

Friends, I am not saying all above activities are wrong, connection/network is very important today. But giving time to those who have given us the existence is also crucial.

There is communication gap everywhere, in families, between friends, Neighbors, colleagues…. Why we can’t sit together and just sort out the problem? If this would have been followed then life would have so simple no? why we create the complications in our lives? What is the root cause of this, EGO? Or maybe negative attitude? Do you agree?

Just think for a minute, and try to realize from whom you are going far? And why? Maybe you are thinking about somebody who was very close to you at one point in time. So what happened? Miss communication? If he is not calling me, why should I call? This happens? If she is not showing interest in meeting me, why should I do? I will wait. And that wait never ends..  but the relationship ends.

It is rightly said that communication is the solution to all problems. Talk and solve. Very easy, right? Then what is stopping you? In families, expectations are always there, and when the other person is not doing things your way, you get upset but you don’t share your feelings. You keep accumulating the feelings inside you. Every time this happens, you just get angry secretly. That builds up the gap, and at one day you bombard with emotions… How will the other person know what you want? You need to explain him, right?

Each family should be an ideal family in which there should be no place for fights and misinterpretations. See if you are good at explaining things at your workplace, if you are good at communication with your friends, then you should be good at communicating with family. You need to take an initiative that’s it. If not sure about anything just ask questions. Ask question to your parents what they want you to do. Ask your kids what they expect you to do. Please do not run away from situations, it is not the ultimate solution.

In workplaces, if our boss asks us something different to do, which is not related exactly to our profile, what is our first reaction? That why the hell I will do that? We are not seeing the positive side that maybe there is some learning in that too. And we never discuss our concerns with the boss. We do that tasks anyways because of no option of denial but we do it halfheartedly. This is again communication gap which ruins the bond.

The same happens in relationships, between life partners, friendship. We are so brainy that we think the other person will get to know what we want. Really he will get it? Guys, this life is gifted to us by God, we must be thankful to him for giving us family, friends, relatives… and whatever we have achieved. There should be no time for misunderstandings and gaps. There must be love and care everywhere.

I have talked about this in my write up Love Your life, that please live and let live. Enjoy to the fullest. Don’t wait for another person to call you. You miss somebody, you call him. Next time you will get the call for sure. Some relations are really very precious don’t let go just because of the communication gap. Take initiative to forgive and do not regret later.

And yes, do tell me for whom you think is the person you cannot let go. Write to me your thoughts on [email protected] or in below comments box.

Be happy, Keep Smiling and Count your Blessings!!

Beena Himthani


3 thoughts on “Communication Gap!!

  1. Praveen

    Nice one …. everyone is not that much busy ….

    My understanding is date doesn’t carry much importance, when ur friends or loved ones wish you by heart tha’s day becomes important & Birthday for you

  2. Sanjay

    Nice one..

    I think
    this happen with everyone.
    So we have to solve all problems and being together.

  3. Mukesh Moradiya
    Mukesh Moradiya says:

    Very nice article Beena. In other words, silence kills, dialogue heals.
    In my experience, i saw most of time gap is being generated in relations are majorly by 2 things, one is that thing is not going as per one’s wish and second is ego..

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