Coffee and Cola

Coffee And Cola

Author – Kapil Muzumdar

Creative Vibes Rating – 4.5/5

Genre – Fiction

No. of pages – 178

Publication House – Notion Press

ISBN – 978-1-946048-91-2

Price – Rs. 199/-



Coffee and Cola
Coffee and Cola

Rahul, who is very much confused because he has a constant pressure to get married from her Mother as well as from other people. So finally, he gets into this hunt for finding a perfect bride, but he never knew that this will be a whole new thing. So at a little café he meets Radha.- A sweet, innocent, career oriented and not so easy to go girl. She observes everything and loves to go slow. Like a typical coffee girl. They both start liking each other but after a tragic incident she flew away to a different nation for some official purpose. And  then Nora enters his life. She is easy to go, fun loving, full of life and a bit dominating girl, just like chilled glass of cola – full of fizz, which gives a long lasting effect to your tongue.

With each day passing, presence of both – coffee girl and a cola girl, making his life difficult. Both of them making hard for him to take a decision and he is into constant dilemma about his future life. Will he able to take a decision about choosing the perfect bride for him? Who has to deal with a heart break ? Radha, Nora or Rahul? To know the whole story, grab your copies from HERE


Author’s observation skills are just awesome. The way he put the characters without a bit of confused plot, is so pragmatic and mind blowing. Without crossing the boundaries of spoilers, I can say that two stories goes parallel after the first half of the book, without even a string of confusions between the two. There is no unnecessary usage of characters, perfectly ordered incidents, too good flashbacks and alluring words. It is very easy to connect with the story for both men and women because it goes all around us. Many a times we have to deal with these kinds of situations where we get confused because love, infatuations and most importantly human emotions are involved.  I would say author has put up everything so smooth that it’s hard to criticize the story even a bit. It’s a good read.

What I love about the book

Emotions – when I was reading this book, I put myself into that situation and it was so hard to even imagine myself there. Just because, to take a step in that situation is darn difficult and it takes a lot of courage to do what the protagonist has done.

What I found a little inappropriate

Coffee and Cola
Coffee and Cola

It will not be justified if I say that there is too much drama or the author is confused. A big no! it is just awesome and I personally recommend everyone to read this book. One thing I’ll say that if the Author could improve the cover page of the book, he will be able to catch attention of the readers may be a bit more. According to a study, a reader takes on an average, only 8 seconds to decide whether he should buy the book or not.  So, I don’t want any reader to keep the book back into the rack just because the cover is a bit simple.


To conclude, I would say that the story is very mature and expressions at each and every page are worth appreciating. I strongly recommend everyone to read the book at least once. Certain books are not overrated but indeed are awesome. It is one of those book.

Three words for the book

  • Mature

  • Amazing

  • Pragmatic

Kudos to the Author

Stay tuned for more

Love, Laughter and Peace

Himanshu R Nagpal

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