CHANAKYA – The Legend Begins


Author – Ashok K. Banker

Publication House – Westland

ISBN – 978-93-87578-16-6

No. of Pages – 156

Genre – Fiction

Price – 250/-

Creative Vibes Rating – 4/5

First Look

Guru Chanakya, what I feel. is one of the most intriguing figure in the Indian history. His works, namely Chanakya Neeti and Arthashashtra were written around 2500 years back but they are so apt even in the 21st Century. So, while scrolling through my Amazon wall, I pre-order this book and got it in a week. The cover page is just so intriguing and the illustration on it made me imagine hell lot of things. It is darn good. I just love the fragrance of a new book, I feel like I’ve met a long lost friend.

About the Book

Jurist, war strategist, kingmaker. Master administrator. Author of the Arthashastra. But before the legend, there was the boy: Vishnu Gupta.

Pataliputra, capital of the great Nanda empire, is teeming with crime and corruption. Granted unlimited authority by the hedonistic emperor Mahapadma Nanda, evil mastermind Maha-amatya Kartikeya has the city in a vice-like grip.

But another name bubbles up through the chaos; there is talk of a young genius, Vishnu Gupta. When the Maha-amatya investigates the rumours, he recognises a future rival in the boy. He is determined to destroy this competition from the roots – family and all. Vishnu must gather all his wits and his formidable knowledge to protect everything he holds dear. The holy scriptures, his brilliant interpretations of the Vedas and the power of his unmatched mind: these are the only tools he has against the might of the most powerful man in the empire.

Epic storyteller Ashok K. Banker imagines the life and formative years of India’s greatest genius, a man whose influence persists down the ages. In this first instalment of a thrilling trilogy, he recreates Chanakya’s early struggles and triumphs.


About the Author

Ashok Banker
Ashok Banker

Ashok K. Banker is the internationally acclaimed author of over 60 books that have sold over 3 million copies in 21 languages and 61 countries. His hugely successful Ramayana Series is credited with having launched the genre of English-language mythological retellings and influenced an entire generation of authors. As a journalist, he broke front-page news stories for the Times of India and Outlook. As a screenwriter, he created and wrote India’s First TV Series in English, and co-created and co-wrote Malaysia’s First TV Series in English, as well as several other hit shows. Born in Mumbai, Ashok is of Irish-Portuguese-Sri Lankan-Indian parentage, and lived in India for over 51 years before migrating with his family to the United States, where he now lives. Ashok can be found online at



Ashok K Banker is one of the most amazing Story Teller in the nation. His Ramayana and Mahabharata series are widely read and loved. The way he wrote this book has its own charm. It makes one so involved in the story that one may feel that he or she is a character in the book, witnessing each and every scene himself/herself. All the characters are portrayed amazingly well. The imaginative skills of the author are worth commendable. He has the art of picking up an epic story, mould it in such a way that it attracts young readers and made them understand the ethics, values our ancestors had and what all struggle they faced. He also makes his readers understand that how we channelised from the ancient society to the current society.

Chanakya- all that I have read about him in the books made me more involved in this one too. Be it Chanakya Neeti or Arthashashtra, I have religiously read them and tried to follow its sayings in my day to day life. It is always a treat to read Mr Banker’s work. He beautifully portrayed Guru Chanakya’s childhood and his early days in the village Chanaka. His initial days in Patliputra too were also intriguing. Undoubtedly, it’s a page-turner.

The only complaint I have from the Author is, that the book ended too soon. I was expecting many more things from the first book in the series. by the way, it is the first book in a trilogy series, so I’m eagerly waiting for the next two.

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Love, Laughter and Peace

Himanshu R. Nagpal

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