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Letter To Zindagi

Hi guys. I hope you all are doing well with God’s amazing grace. So, here comes my fourth letter in the series to dearest life. Hope you all enjoyed the

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The Immortal lessons from Sita – The warrior of Mithila

Amish Tripathi, who is known as the literary pop star of India, started his writing career with “Immortal of Meluha”. The purpose of that book is to make the readers

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Are you really responsible for your actions?

  What if everything you did so far, everything you used to feel proud for, everything you blamed yourself for, were not your achievements/faults? May be it was meant to

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The Magic of Prayer…

Prayer! A six letter word which has power to move the mountains. I’m reading these days a lot about Spirits, astral world, paranormal world, life after death, past life regression

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A Note by the Almighty…

Give everything to me Your pain, your sorrow Your love, your devotion The reason for your actions The mistakes you make The choices you made Oh! I will take all

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