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An ode to loneliness

Hi guys. What’s up? As a millennial myself, I have seen many other millennials and elderly people feeling alone most of the

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Period tales

So, have you ever felt embarrassed of buying sanitary napkins at the medical store or changing the channels when such ads come on the television? C’mon we all have faced

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Care For The Elderly

Recently, I attended a sensitisation programme organised by UNIC for India and Bhutan, Lodhi Road along with my teachers and friend. It was a workshop on “Ageing with dignity” organised

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Fable of my defeat

Hey guys, how are you all? As you all know, today it’s world mental health day. So, i wrote this writeup to share how it feels to undergo all this

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The Warrior

We, humans, are blessed with this amazing instrument called the Brain. I said blessed because people call it that way. But having a brain is a blessing or a curse?

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Is your Work-Out Working Out?

My take on fitness
the education in the area of fitness is important. it is one of those thing in which we believe to attack on the practical part, completely avoiding the theory behind it. it is darn important to understand what you are doing.

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