Start-ups Cry, Investors Deny

Whenever I have a word with the guys of my age, I usually discover that many of them more or less working on a start-up business. “Start-up” is one of the most hyped term...

Life at International Space Station

Can we imagine that while eating, fruits are floating in the air? Can we think of swallowing our tooth paste while cleaning our teeth? It sounds weird right? However, these weird things are part of...
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Fish cannot climb the trees

Education - A Term Which is Extremely Misunderstood
Is your Work-Out Working Out?

Is your Work-Out Working Out?

My take on fitness the education in the area of fitness is important. it is one of those thing in which we believe to attack on the practical part, completely avoiding the theory behind it. it is darn important to understand what you are doing.

Mathematical Chauvinism

In the world full of male and linguistic chauvinism,I have come across my new type of chauvinism and that is mathematical chauvinism. According to Merriam Webster, chauvinism refers to excessive or prejudiced support for one's...


Many of us being adolescents go through many changes which we start blaming on our surroundings and it becomes difficult for us to cope with them but if we are aware about ourselves if...

The Immortal lessons from Sita – The warrior of Mithila

Amish Tripathi, who is known as the literary pop star of India, started his writing career with “Immortal of Meluha”. The purpose of that book is to make the readers believe that Shiva is...


Creation shines with pleasure like the sky being azure it always seems new like rain drops few   Creation is a hidden magic And it cannot be tragic It flies like a balloon But cannot get over soon   Creation comes straight from heart And...

Hannah Baker VS liberty High

MAY CONTAIN SOME SPOILERS Season one was quite desperate but the answer to many questions was still unanswered therefore season two was not uncalled for. Jay Asher’s Novel 13 Reasons why turned into Netflix series...


Whenever I think about this word Home Work, school days’ memories start revolving in my mind. That was the best time of life. I feel nostalgic when I think about my school going days....


23 year old Shrradha inspiring others

The Warrior


An Interview with Aparna Sinha

What Is Love?