Care For The Elderly

Recently, I attended a sensitisation programme organised by UNIC for India and Bhutan, Lodhi Road along with my teachers and friend. It was a workshop on “Ageing with dignity” organised on the celebration of International Day of Older persons.

This programme has actually shown me how brutal your very own can be and therefore, I wish to share my pain and agony with my readers.

India has the second largest number of older persons- 10 crore (2011) expected to rise to 13 crore by 2021. Out of this, 80% live in rural areas and 73% of them are illiterate.  These older people are subject to the elder abuse. It is a condition where our closed acquaintance indulge in physical, verbal and emotional abuse leading to various injuries be it physical, mental or emotional.

We live in a time where nuclear families are preferred over closely knit joint families. Parents are always looked upon and are left to sustain themselves. They always wish that their children be the best and get to live the most beautiful lives and struggle so hard to fulfil their child’s dream. They have a little idea about the fact that one day when they become parents, they’re gonna discard their own parents.

But let me tell you one thing where we as  youth are highly mistaken is that- although we discard our parents, they are still more experienced and wiser than us and therefore can take great care of themselves without any external aid.

The thing which hurts them the most is that we as the youth forget the fact that one day or some day we too gonna age and then the karma would strike us,  we too would be subjected to the same or even worse treatment. Also, the way we treat our parents, our children too cultivate and adapt the similar behaviour.

The only solution to deal with this problem of this intergenerational bonding is that we must respect each other’s viewpoints and adjust. We need to behave maturely and understand their pains too in our so called “busy lives” . Believe me, they are our roots and we cannot grow into healthy tree if we’re detached to our stronger roots. We can form a very good emotional bond and make them feel understood by indulging into various small small activities.

We can plan out family outings, spend some time with our parents and grandparents( remember that they have the wisdom for which we are struggling everyday) , celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries and make sure that they engage in all the activities that they love. It is our responsibility to make them feel loved and not helpless or burdensome.

Let’s work together to make sure that there is not a single old age home and that all the elderly around us shower their blessings.

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Loads of love and happiness
Manushreya Sharma

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