“When we hang the capitalists, they will sell us the rope we use.”

                                                                      – Stalin
While reading the quote, you might feel it is post involving my hatred and teenage angst towards capitalism; then you may be wrong. It is all about a realisation which has hit me really hard.Capitalism is the only living ideology in the world. I wonder when Hari became Harry and Hindi or any regional language became a cause of embarrassment  and how people stopped reading about Indian history and became interested in American History which will be tested in their exams.
While the political history of the world give us enough reasons for American dominance in every sphere of our lives. What is worth thinking is how the prevalence of single ideology is eating our lives.
Today, it has replaced our deep rooted values and has made us alien to our own traditions and way of life. We have started to celebrate a life which was never ours. Its impact on our behaviour, understanding of world and sense of right and wrong has created chaos in our relationships and well being.
Think about the last time you fought with your best friend and deleted his contact, pictures and blocked on social media. This is our capitalistic
behaviour instead of cooperating and accepting things as they are.
Think of the last time you hoarded the clothes that you will wear once in a party to post a classy picture and leave it somewhere at the back of your wardrobe.
Think of the last time you went to an instagramable cafe in Khan Market or vacation and became a self proclaimed influencer.
This is not about East Vs West. This is about how uniformity of everything-behaviour, ideas, beliefs has replaced the originality. Aren’t we losing our essence every time we replace our colorful bangles with bracelets of gold and platinum? Aren’t we overlooking the utility in the name of buying happiness and ultimately hoarding things?
I don’t know what is the solution. Perhaps I also don’t know if Capitalism or any other political theory would suit the world.What I know the least is let us all go back to our roots, balance our worlds instead of choosing the extremes. Let’s become aware of how our emotions, thoughts and behaviors are influenced to derive profits.
Until next time, Stay grounded and discover your own way


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