Book Review-The Stalker

Book Review-The Stalker


Author – Sandeep Sharma

PUBLICATION HOUSE – Redgrab books & Anybook

PRICE – 99/-

No. of PAGES – 143

ISBN – 978-93-87390-62-1

Rating 4.5/5


Randhir Kamat, a name famous for his regular mentions on page 3, was being stalked on social media by a girl named Deepali. He took it casually and enjoyed the attention from media but soon things went on to become ugly when his girlfriend, Rupali, started receiving death threats.
Keeping everything on stake, Randhir chose to involve police to catch the Stalker. Inspector Suraj, started digging in and soon found that ‘Here everyone’s a liar’.
Whom to trust?
Whom to blame?
There were no answers, just one question.
How far will you go for the sake of your dream?


The Stalker is a suspense thriller, again a masterpiece from famous author “Sandeep Sharma”. I just loved the book, the concept is so creative and interestingly crafted that you will be hooked to the book till the end.

Author has plotted the story very well; all the characters contribute well in the story. I like inspector Suraj Pant’s role a lot. It has been written with high level of maturity. Randhir Kamat, a prominent figure in entertainment industry wanted to shine high, but he was trapped under the web created by himself. He was stalked by a girl named Deepali. He took it lightly initially, but things started getting difficult. Seriously it is an unpredictable story, whom to blame, whom to not, seems tough.  He struggled to get out but turns and twists of the story got him stuck till climax, and all characters were so brainy, everyone had secrets to turn the table for the other character.

I was amazed to see the sequence of chapters, and how the things were revealed at the right time. I would highly recommend all to read this ride of thriller and enjoy. This story is full on entertainment and amusement for the reader. Kudos to the author for his mastermind.

I haven’t had the experience of reading anything related to characters like page 3 people or public figures, so I was excited when I started reading this book, and it proved to be the amazing one.

What I love about the book

I love the story concept, till the climax you cannot imagine that who is the real culprit. It is a total adventurous ride. The imagination of story is supremely awesome. The Author’s writing style is modern and its makes the book more creative.

What I find little inappropriate

The quality of pages should be good. (this feedback is for publisher)


The plot is highly creative. The story is very different from other thrillers. It is a learning in this book that Social media has the power to gain you fame and defame you as well. One more learning is you just can’t trust anyone these days. Please read and recommend your friends to read.

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Be happy, Keep smiling, Count your Blessings!!

Beena Himthani

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