Book Review_My Mute Girlfriend!

Book Review_My Mute Girlfriend!

TITLE – My Mute Girlfriend

Author – Himanshu Rai

PUBLICATION HOUSE – Srishti Publishers & Distributors

PRICE – 195/-

No. of PAGES – 208

ISBN – 978-93-87022-14-0

Rating – 4/5


“That day I realized I had lost her forever, I had lost her smile, her friendship, her voice… But still, somewhere in my heart, I believed her to be my girlfriend. My mute Girlfriend.”

Rohan is a telecom professional posted in Meerut and misses his girlfriend from college days, who had stopped interacting with him, without giving any reason. Although she had always stood by his side and her eyes reflected immense love, but she remained his mute girlfriend. The book opens with an SMS from Vaidehi to Rohan, after five long years. But before he could reply, his mobile gets damaged and he wanders in his memories to narrate a story. About how his girlfriend became his mute girlfriend after the first year of their engineering college. My Mute Girlfriend is a true romance story of how Rohan unravels the answers to why Vaidehi was mute for so long and how their life is about to change. But little do they know that the worst is yet to come.


My Mute Girlfriend is an epic story of how Rohan (The Protagonist) progresses in life, because of his love and support of his mute girlfriend. This story created an impact on my mind for a few days, since I had read this I am experiencing mixed feelings, (happy, sad, surprised). Sometimes I wonder how somebody can get so involved in love. Then I wondered how a person feels when the love of his life is in front of him but not interacting with him. So, it was a lively story going on in front of me. As if I was dreaming while reading. The narration of the story is commendable.

My Mute Girlfriend is a roller coaster ride of Love, Friendship, Romance, Care. It reflects life of an Engineering student, who is obsessed in love and rest everything goes on a stake. However, his love was a mute one, his girlfriend stopped interacting with him. But the love between them never faded.

I have read the college romances before, but this story is different. Though climax was not expected like this but as the author says it is his true love story, so it was meant to be that way. This story is all about Rohan’s crush for his school friend and then taking a turn to a love story with Vaidehi. It is beautifully explained that how an aspiring engineer gets madly involved in love. For which he is ready to leave everything behind.

Storyline is captivating and keep you stick to read. Characters are very effectively crafted. All play a vital role. True friendship is depicted through Vineet and Anurag, being true friends of Rohan. The language and vocabulary are easy to understand.

I would recommend readers to read this book. If you have experienced true love, if you have a loving partner, if you believe in love then please read this book. This book is a very interesting attempt of the author.

What I love about the book

I love the story concept, till the climax you cannot imagine that Rohan’s life is going to take which turn. It is totally unbelievable. The Author’s writing style is modern and its makes the book more creative.

What I find little inappropriate

Only what I found a little inappropriate are the dialogues, at some places the dialogues and the conversation were not that appealing. But overall it is a good read.


The story is very different from other love stories. This one is an inspiring true love story. The lesson which it gives is life is unpredictable, so enjoy each moment. Be with your loved ones always, anytime life can take a turn.

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Be happy, Keep smiling, Count your Blessings

Beena Himthani

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