Book Review_Hey Dad! Meet My Mom

Book Review_Hey Dad! Meet My Mom

TITLE – Hey Dad! Meet My Mom

Author – Sandeep Sharma and Leepi Agrawal

PUBLICATION HOUSE – Redgrab books & Anybook

PRICE – 125/-

No. of PAGES – 168

ISBN – 978-93-87390-43-0

Stars – 4.5/5


Hey Dad! Meet My Mom is a roller coaster ride of mystery, love, comedy, fear and suspense. Now you will think how a book, of around 160 pages contains this much. I am not lying ladies and gentlemen, you will agree on this when you will read it.

What happens when a 10-year-old child, who claims to be your future son, comes to you to help you find his mother, who’s your perfect match?

What happens when a girl starts turning your dreams into nightmares?

What happens when you FUTURE starts bleeding into your PRESENT through your PAST?

Seems awkward and exciting both, right? Please read Hey Dad! Meet My Mom..


The book is based on the life mystery of the male protagonist. He is a Day dreamer, and always struggling to find out the answers through the dreams/nightmares. Sometimes he gets scared of them. Sometimes he wants to chase them to get the resolution of the mystery going on. His love story and romance is elucidated amazingly in the story.

Puneet Shrivastava – the male protagonist, he is handsome and sweet person, whose life is playing hide and seek with him. He is a strong believer of Love. His character is really interesting and appealing.

Rishi – A 10 year old boy, claiming to be his son, plays a vital role and kept the excitement of the book till the climax. He is the most loved character. And yes, he is the most intellectual boy too.

All characters including Myra and Bina Shrivastava, plotted together in an unimaginable way. The deeply set story gets engrossed in the mind of the reader. I will recommend all to read this book. Kudos to Author’s.

Each chapter in the book starts with a poetry, truely dipicting the love and emotions, it makes the book more attractive. This book is a very interesting attempt of the authors. It is totally worth reading. Authors have plotted the story very well; all the characters contribute well in the story. It has been written with high level of maturity and sense of humor.

Past plays a very important role in one’s life. It is said that we should bury our bad past deep inside, so that we cannot dig it out again. Past and future are the two crucial references of our living in present.  You will love the facts which are described in this book so finely based on past and future.

I just loved reading this book, it is full of suspense and emotions. I like the way true meaning of Love portrayed by the authors. Love, Betrayal, Suspense, Comedy, Romance all plotted under one roof “Hey Dad! Meet My Mom. A very interesting read which made my weekend special.

What I love about the book

I love the story concept, till the climax you cannot imagine that Puneet’s life is going to take which turn. It is a total adventurous ride. The imagination of story is supremely awesome. The Author’s writing style is modern and its makes the book more creative.

Vocabulary and language is reader friendly and style is simple to understand.

What I find little inappropriate

Nothing was inappropriate, everything is superbly designed.


The plot is highly creative. The story is very different from other love stories. This one is also a good example of Life Challenges which one has to face.

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Be happy, Keep smiling, Count your Blessings

Beena Himthani

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