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AUTHOR – Saurish Hegde


PRICE – INR  250/-

No. oF PAGES – 186

ISBN – 9788193404720

C V RATINGS – 3.5/5

  • BOOK COVER – 4/5

  • LANGUAGE – 3.5/5

  • NARRATION -3.5/5



Saurish Hegde, a 20-year-old, who is a medical student at Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore (Manipal University). His other keen interests are in philosophy and prefer reading biographies and thrillers. He lives with his family in Mangaluru. A keen researcher, his eye for detailing was duly rewarded when an article of his was published in an international scientific journal of repute.

A sports enthusiast, Saurish loves to read biographies and thrillers, many of which have inspired him to write this one. Mixing profession with passion, he dreams of becoming a successful doctor and an author.



Son of a successful businessman owning a chain of hospitals, Nishanth Shetty is an upcoming Oncologist from Mangaluru. With a bright future and a supportive girlfriend, Navya, all is moving smoothly in Nishanth’s life till such time that his scientist friend, Ramdas, makes him part of an experiment that can save the world from the deadliest viruses and bestow one with mind-reading powers.


He receives a mysterious phone call from a man warning him of dire consequences if he goes forth with the experiment. However, what is more, terrifying is the threat that the unknown man plans to conduct the same experiment… with Nishanth’s blood.


Who is this man? What are his motives? Is there a larger conspiracy behind this? Read on as Nishanth and his friends race through time and uncover one shocking mystery after another in this thrilling GAME OF SECRETS!



When I started reading the book, I hadn’t gone through the synopsis which is not very usual. Gradually the interest developed as I’m from a doctor’s family as well. Anyways, If we talk about the book – The starting was smooth which depicts a successful doctor’s life and his (Nishanth’s) modesty, his lifestyle, dedication, passion and sincerity towards his work are impeccable. Their hospital(s) being the talk of the town and the country too, run by a team of highly talented doctors – Dr Vittal Hegde (Nishanth’s Father), Dr Mohandas Kumar, Dr Kirandev and Dr John.

Navya’s Character was just so amazing. It is elucidated so well that I’m simply out of words. She is portrayed as a true beauty, who’s got the brains as well with the proportionate amount of emotions and generosity. Further the plot becomes more relatable and obviously, there’s a big suspense too. “What will happen next ?” was the question in mind when i was reading the last few pages. Moreover, the book is filled with greed, money, power, hatred, trust, and heroism.


If I say that the whole charm of the book lies in last few pages, I think That I won’t be wrong. The Language is Catchy. The Narration is Great. Saurish has done a decent job here and I wish to read more of his novels and wish him all the best for his future endeavours.



I do like thriller novels but not the ones which move too fast or seem to be too unrealistic. ‘ The Game of Secrets ‘ is not like that – Thankfully. It’s an amazing book, the language used is not complexed or filled with such a vocab which may require a reader to sit with a dictionary. If you Like Thrillers with amazing twists and turns, this book is for you.
And finally – Never judge a book by its cover or the synopsis because you never know what’s inside. This book is a great example for that.

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Bhuvan Bhaskar Singh

(Book Reviewer – Creative Vibes)

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