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First Look

It was a beautiful Monday evening. I came back from the office when my Mom handed me a brown package. I understood that what was there inside. Quickly, I went into my room and took out the book from the package.
The first word I said was “Beautiful”. The Cover was looking outstanding. Lord Kartikeya was sitting on Chitra with both his wives- Valli and Devasena. I was dying to dive into the pages. 


About The Author

Anuja Chandramouli is a bestselling Indian author and New-Age classicist. Her previous works—Shakti: The Divine Feminine and Kamadeva: The God of Desire have been highly acclaimed. Her articles, short stories, and book reviews have appeared in various publications like Femina, Women’s Era, Lonely Planet, The Hindu and The New Indian Express. An accomplished orator, Chandramouli regularly conducts storytelling sessions and workshops on creative writing, empowerment, and mythology in schools, colleges, and various other platforms. She is a happily married mother of two girls and is a student of classical dance and a practitioner of yoga.
Chandramouli is based in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu

Anuja Chandramauli
Anuja Chandramouli

Book Review

Kartikeya – The destroyer’s Son is not just a folklore or a mythological tale. It’s a beautiful piece of imagination which makes you feel so closely related to characters that it’s difficult to express it in mere words. The way the characters having conversations, the way they are thinking, makes us one amongst us. This book of a little more than 200 pages makes one believe that Gods were like us, they were for real, walking and talking like us. They were for real in flesh and bones like you and me. What makes them different is their actions in various situations. The way they handle so crucial responsibilities.

If I Talk about Lord Kartikeya, being a North Indian, I was not much aware of the mythology and folklore attached to him. But this lack of Knowledge of mine acted as the boon for me while reading this book. The way Lord Kartikeya’s life unfolds gives one a thrill. The way he was born. His intellect in his growing years. The reason why he is known as a Lord of War. How he was as a son.  How he was as a husband. How he was as a lover. He is a great example for each one of us, no matter how young or how old we are. It was undoubtedly a page Turner because of the way the author was putting things one after the other. This book has all that stuff which is actually a genuine reader seeks. It is written with such a simplicity that one can’t stop himself to read the book again. I even commit that I have read certain chapters twice before moving ahead.



To conclude this, I would love to say that this is a perfect book for the ones who have genuine interest in Indian Mythology, for the ones who are lover of English Language and for the one who loves to travel into Author’s mind and enjoy the thrilling ride of that parallel world which is created by the Author.


Three Words for The Book

  • Powerful
  • Thrilling
  • Contagious

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  1. Manushreya Sharma
    Manushreya Sharma says:

    Interesting perspective bro. I’m going to grab my copy soon. The article was really amazing and engrossing. Kudos, keep writing.

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