Beyond the Stone Hedge





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I was about to leave for the office when the Amazon guy rang my doorbell. I quickly opened the door and handed him the money. I knew what it was. I was so excited to read that. It carried a lot of expectations. I read her first book called “From Zero to One” and it had created a parallel world in my mind. It was none less than a book which thrilled me more than anything. It was not just a take on a mythological incident but a journey which is filled with a strong Philosophy which has the tendency to change one’s thinking. So, I had hell lot of expectations from this book.

Beyond the Stone Hedge
Beyond the Stone Hedge


MVG (Maneesha Agrawal) is the authoress of this book, this being her second published work. Her first book, ‘From Zero To One – the story of Manu’ was well received by her readers and has garnered rave reviews from amongst the readers and critics both. The book was based on the story of Manu – a tale travelling since timeworn ages surpassing all the boundaries of country, region and religion. The book’s success was an achievement and it delivered the author an acceptance with the readers as a singular writer, who is able to present rationalized fiction (though based on facts) spun around captivating folklore.

Maneesha Vivek Gupta
Maneesha Vivek Gupta

MVG is a writer driven by an honesty in her perception. Her intense knowledge of ancient Indian history which she has garnered through her reading preferences gets clearly manifested in her work. She has a knack dealing with the past, shuffling through the sheets of unfamiliar chronicles – an eminence that has now encouraged her to write this second book. Ms Maneesha is a widely travelled voyager, with a penchant for exploring pieces of history shroud under the wraps of time slumbering at strange, obscure places. It has often led her to discover new faces and facets of tales told and retold since centuries.

This is her passion, of knowing the unknown and creating fiction around facts that binds the two together…in an irresistible narrative! Read on to believe!


Ira was uneasy as her man was still not hers despite all those efforts. Whatever she had been thinking while she was planning and plotting was certainly not this. It wasn’t turning out to be as easy and simple as she had imagined. She could see that another ordeal had actually begun for her now – to be in love with someone, be near him…and have your heart wrung when he stared blankly at something past you!

Beyond The Stone Hedge
Beyond The Stone Hedge

Story Line

The Book Begins with Ira’s desire to travel to the land, away from the Mount Causeruman, Away from her father. and away from Banasur and his Proposal to get married to him. Her father, Asur King Shambharsur allowed her to travel where her heart desire. With her Friend Nadia and few other trustworthy companions, she went to the land which changed her life. They came to Manali, the village of Manu and his Manavas.

When she saw Manu, she felt like never before. His Innocence, His loving nature, His skills to manage things made her fall for him. But, Manu was married to Kamayani and was very much against the polygamy. There was no way out for her to be with Manu. Her love and passion towards him made him enact a conspiracy, A conspiracy which changed the history. A conspiracy which changed what you and I are today. A conspiracy which changed all our Mythological texts and books. What was that conspiracy? Grab your copies now to discover from HERE.


As I have mentioned earlier, I had a lot of expectations from the book after reading the first book of the Authoress. And I feel so good as I write this, that This book is better than the first one. Yes, This book has all that stuff which a genuine reader looks. It has the Adventure, It has that love, It has that Conspiracy and that thrill which makes the story unstoppable. It leaves an Imprint in the reader’s mind which is un-erasable. But let me tell you the secret. The charm of the book simply doubles up when you read the last two chapter of the book. Our Human Mind has the tendency to judge one’s feelings. We just Simply categorise each and everything into two basic heads i.e. Good and Bad. But in the last two chapters, the readers will be able to understand that If someone is Bad, what is the reason behind it? Why is that so he or she is doing that particular thing? If I say that it’s just a love story, I’ll be wrong. If I say that it is a re-telling of a mythological tale, I’ll again be wrong. If I say that it’s a work of fiction, that will again be too unjustified. So I leave that to the readers to decide that’s what exactly this book is.  I just want to say that I was able to travel to that Parallel Universe that the Authoress had created a year and a half back in her first book. And this time I was able to get into more depth. It was fun. I really hope that you’ll be able to have that fun too.

Beyond The Stone Hedge
Beyond The Stone Hedge


Though I can write about this book endlessly, But, to conclude, I just want to say that though we run behind the Westland or Penguin or Rupa Publications and add the books of top-notch Authors into our wish list. Less, we unable to discover that we miss some books which have the tendency to touch your soul. This book is one of those.

HERE is the Interview of The Authoress, we took a year back. Do read that 🙂

So, See you then 🙂

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Love, Laughter and Peace

Himanshu R Nagpal


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