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Door opened ghastly, and I walked in, closed my umbrella putting it aside, the weather was screaming outdoors. I was wondering if the monsoon arrived early this year.


My knee surgery didn’t helped me to recover the pain in my joints, the photo on the back wall was faded due to dust and spider web, or perhaps cataract was common in old age, I sat in the rocking chair, looking at her photo on the wall, I remember it was taken years ago, in a temple of Mathura, though I had a hard time placing the name of that temple, but she looks like a true goddess in her photograph.




‘Dad… dad… the dinner is ready, please come.’
‘Yeah coming sweetheart,’
‘I stood and slowly walked towards the kitchen and sit across dinning table,’
‘what does Dr pal said, dad’
‘Everything is alright sweetheart, he had done some tests and asked me to take all the medicine on time, where is your mother, is she still mad at me?’
‘Yeah dad, what happened, why is she always upset from you. You guys never told me anything. ‘
‘Well, even I don’t know, why don’t, you ask her?’
‘Ok dad I will, ‘ the daughter said serving food on the plate,
Did your mother had dinner?
‘Yeah dad’
‘Ok come and sit, today I am going to tell you another story, you like listening story don’t you my dearest one,’
‘Yes dad’ said daughter, pulling out the chair.

It was February 14. I was returning from office. On mandi house metro station I was waiting for the metro, suddenly I realised that there was hardly any person on platform, it was all deserted.


After a minute or two, there was a sound of footsteps taking an elevation in amplitude every second, after a moment I saw a thickish figure of girl blocking out the light of my vision, she was in her mid twenties and was carrying her surplus flesh sensuously, as some girls can, pink saree with silver border, allowing me to explore the profound beauty of her, she had fair complexion, that was another analogy that you find in the capital, moment after moment I fight an unusual urge to look at her, I looked at her in a fashion that do not create any awkwardness. It was pleasant, looking at a beautiful person, it has always been a pleasantful experience in my life, what else is there in life beside that, done my schooling from boys school , gone to Vellore to pursue engineering, where there are only few girls and they too had there interest in a particular genre.



Suddenly my eyes met hers, a breeze through the tunnel entered, her hairs started uncontrollably flowing In a very decent manner, she gathered every strand of her hair in a manner that must have been taught decades ago, and putting out a band tired around in a lump, advising them to stay there as long as, I go for a shower, the metro arrived and I entered into it, hand full of people were sitting in the metro, murmuring about there day, or perhaps times travelling, who knows. She took a seat in the corner, and I sit in the middle maintaining a ‘I am not a molester’ zone. From the window plane I was constantly looking at her face, she was bright scattering positivity all around.





Rummaging through her purse trying to find something important, and here it was, her phone whose back cover matched her attire, taking out her phone she started to do something on it, explaining that she’s is not a loner anymore, I glanced over my watch and take a deep breath, I haven’t dated anyone in past six months, before that there was some ups and mostly downs in my relationship quotients, I was figuring out a way to talk to her. The metro slowly came to rest in the middle of the station and the announcement was made that ” there will be short delay in this service, the inconvenience caused is deeply regretted”. She looked around after the announcement was over, she looked at me also, for a moment and abruptly asked me, “excuse me, what’s the time”. It was strange for me, as she already had her phone in her hand, so whats the matter of asking time from the stranger, I tried to figure something out, and spontaneously said “its time for me to know your name” she didn’t laughed or amused as I wish she would. But she didn’t. I thought she was trying to make conversation,





And suddenly,
‘I am Sakshi she said in an audible tone.
‘Hi I am Avinash chatterjee’ I said.
“And sweetheart that’s how I Met Your Mother.”

“But dad what happened after that” asked the daughter in amusement.

‘Okay, so after that’ Avinash continued ‘she told me that her mobile phone is discharged, and she wanted to make a call, I gave her my mobile phone, without realising that the Jennifer lawrence bikini photo, on my lock screen, she took the phone, and smiled for a bit , and after making the call returned me the phone. I was wondering why she smiled, silence surround us and after a moment it was broken by her, ‘jennifer lawrence huh?’ she said in a tone that has bit of teasing and some mockery, ‘yeah I really like her’ I said. ‘Me too’, she said, I looked at her strangely, it was really hard for me to control my laugh, I tried but it wasn’t worth, I burst out of laughter. What? She said pulling up her plucked brows, ‘nah nothing it’s just an old joke that I just remembered,’ ‘okay’ she said and again we settled down into our own solitude. You have to do something, you can’t lose this chance, you can’t lose her, just look at her, I mean she’s…. She’s amazing… repeated my mind continuously.
‘So how you doin?’ I said differently
‘Well’ she continued ‘ i am fine, tell me about you Mr Joey tribbiani’ and laughed.
Oh well you knew , i said and smirked.
Yeah, love F.R.I.E.N.D.S,
Me too,
She laughed,
‘Just remembered an old joke,’
‘Tit for that huh?’
She shrugged her should and a moment later asked,
‘Which one is you favorite character,’
‘Chander, I said and yours?’
‘Honestly speaking , me too.’
This time we both laughed,



Not everyday such journey takes place in a metro when you sit with a stranger and laugh while discussing you favorite sitcom, that moment was precious, she was precious.The word Beautiful is cliché these days, everything about her is more then that, her eyes was like the one that Yeats describes In ‘Epherma’, her voice is like the one described by Fitzgerald in ‘beauty and damned’ her smile is like browning describes in The last duchess , she was the mixed combination of all the poetry and tales that has been created till date, and believe me I am not glorifying. On that same day, I came to know that she was single, so I asked her out on that same day, ‘pretty fast mister’ she acclaimed. Yes I was, I said and smirked. Then we met at least once in a week, I really loved her company, weekend was always blissful with her being on the right seat of the cinema hall. And the day when I came to know that she likes Star Wars, I asked her to marry me, she thought it was some kind of joke but it wasn’t. We married on a lovely spring of February one year just after the day we met and then one fine morning, you happen to us, we were happy, very happy…

`Then dad, why she is upset from you, what happened after that.’

‘I don’t know, I never asked her that, she just gone one morning leaving behind nothing, not even you, she took you with her, oh my heart I missed you, I missed you both…’

‘Dad I am with you see. C’mon let’s have dinner together.’

Next morning;

‘Ting tong, ting tong’ the bell ranged.
Mr chatterjee, Mr chatterjee open the door sir it’s me doctor Pal.
The door didn’t opened, Doctor Pal called people from the neighborhood and broke in from the window and opened the door, Avinash was lying on the edge of the bed, motionless, peculiar and dead, the ambulance reached at 8:30, took the body to morgue.





Neighbor 1 – The fellow was lost, always talking to himself he was a kind of anti social, he doesn’t have family did he,?
Neighbor 2 – he had a wife and daughter years ago, but I had heard that they left him because he was mentally sick.
Neighbor 1 (to doctor Pal) – Doctor was he mentally ill?

Doctor Pal.– ‘He has a disease called Schizophrenia, in which he was unable to differentiate between the real and imaginary, his wife took him to me, since then I was taking care of him, she told me to send his reports to her every month, I was doing so from the last 20 years. The situation was worse, he lives all alone in this house imagining that his wife and daughter lives with him, I met him yesterday, he asked me to come home with him for dinner as his daughter wishes to thank me for my service, No matter how much strong medicine I prescribed this disorder didn’t fixed, in the history of my journey I never had dealt with such case,’ doctor sighed ‘God bless his soul’.

Neighbour 2- Poor fellow died on Valentine’s day.


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