Between a “Hi” and a “Good Bye”


The tale starts with a simple “Hi..”

And soon we started sharing life’s every pie.

Having each other around itself made us breathe a sigh..

We were so close and i still don’t know why…….


This was the time when i was the apple of so many’s eye..

For each other we lived,

and for each other, we could die!


Life got harsh and things around us changed..

Their love became hatred and i didn’t understand why..

I wanted to ask that what went wrong?

How could their feelings and opinions about me die??

I admit i made some big mistakes..

But inside, i was still the same guy!!


For once, the threads of our relations broke,

and they broke like we could never again tie.

Things unsaid, unheard, all of us thrown apart and forced there to lie…..

Sitting and weeping through sleepless nights in our corners, we bid each other a silent “Good Bye..”

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