Everyday, it is a battle to seek more greenery, cleaner and healthier air, more beautiful skies, unadulterated food and pure drinking water. We are living in an era of crisis, yet ignorance is a bliss for us. This time, even the talking won’t help. It is time to take simple yet powerful actions. The question is ARE WE DOING ENOUGH?

Climate change is a consequence of our unconscious and selfish choices. We are busy blaming our government for being lazy to tackle this problem. While we are forgetting that in the history of revolution, it was a single man who made the difference. Even the small steps help.

Here are a few ways that I have been practicing for a while now that can help us and our children live a healthier life.

Is a stainless steel bottle and lunch box heavier to carry than the burden of past? The 7R’s that we studied in primary classes also included the strategy to REPLACE. Replace plastic bottles and boxes with that made of steel. Replace the culture of plastic wrapping and include eco friendly ways of wrapping our presents like that with newspapers.

Adopt a simpler lifestyle. Believe in sustainable fashion instead of hoarding things for your recent haul videos. Restyle your outfits, share your clothes with siblings and best friends or simply rent them online. Donate the clothes and things you no longer use instead of piling them in your wardrobe.

Do not waste food. Take small serving of food while you attend parties. There is no harm in ordering more later instead of wasting by overloading your platter.

Go for vegetarian diets. According to UN experts, switching to plant based diet can help fight climate change.

Gift yourself a life full of garden. Plant something on your birthday, anniversary,weekends. Let them grow and be your lifeguard.

There are many more ways to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. These were the simplest ones that I practice and encourage you all to practice in your ways too. Lets take a step towards increasing our life expectancy rates and help our environment.

Are there any practices that you follow at home and work? Do share with me. I would love to adopt.

Until next time.

Love, Manushreya Sharma


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