Anger Management

Anger Management

   Anger Management

Hello Readers, I am here to talk about Anger Management today. This topic is worth talking about and it is given by someone to me to write today, Thanks Kamal Jijaji to suggest this topic. Hope I will justify your expectation. Guys, Anger is not beneficial for anyone. However, it is normal emotion, it cannot be stopped but can be controlled. We all experience anger, it can be a result of frustration. The consequences of anger can be so destructive sometimes that it can harm relationship, your family, your state of mind too. Here, Anger management comes in picture. It is a program to control and regulate the frequency of your anger and helps you to calm down. It is necessary to have patience when you try to control anger.


The impatient mind leads to devastation. We are full of rage sometimes that we want to take revenge even for a very small issue, which can be ignored. So in order to control that revengeful activity we need to train our mind in such a way that we can deal with a difficult situation in a realistic and acceptable manner. You all must have experience anger, and you all must have dealt with it in a different way.

It is rightly said by Buddha Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

 So Guys, please give it a thought that whenever you are not able to control your anger, what bad things you have done to harm someone else. Or what were the situation where you got out of control and you said really bad words. Like your words were as sharp as a sword? It happens no sometimes? You sometimes say harsh words to your parents and then when you calm down after few minutes you realize I said something wrong. But the reality of life is you cannot take your words back. You can only say sorry or feel regretful. Anger management helps you to prevent from falling into that situation of feeling regretful.


At the first place you have a feel of love for that person on which you show your anger right? So why to show anger instead of love? You can control it; you have the power. You just need to educate your mind. It is very simple equation. Life is very short to spread love all over, do not waste time in showing the bad side of yours. Your close ones expect something cheerful, they expect love and care from you. Your anger can impact the people around you, your friends, your colleagues, your family, your subordinates, your students, they are important to you and they show respect to you. So show that positive attitude, which leads them to respect you with the bottom of their heart. You have to earn respect; it cannot be achieved forcefully.

You must have seen some people are really frustrated, you will never see them smiling. They cannot talk normally, they only shout. It happens because of some reasons which needs to be handled smartly. It can be frustration of work load. Life is asking for more. Life is running day by day, all are getting eventful, there are everyday piles of tasks lined up to complete. And when people are not able to balance their life cycle they get frustrated. And this frustration comes out with rage. Often we throw our harsh words to someone who is not responsible for anything, who is innocent. One reason for this discourteous behavior may be a person is in wrong profession, he dream of doing something else and end up doing something else, so a sense of awkwardness takes place. And it reflects in the behavior.


Anger Management or stress management can be done in many ways. You can live a happy and peaceful life by applying simple small logics.

  • Recognise the sign of anger: First of all, you need to recognise the sign that you are getting out of control. Regular signs of anger are – your heart beat gets faster, you feel stressful, headache, anxiety, you feel uncomfortable. These all signifies that you are not in a normal happy state. Try to receive peace, help yourself dealing with it.
  • Meditation: This is the most effective technique to deal with anger. Doing 15-20 minutes of meditation every morning, gives you enough peace and strength that you can handle the most difficult situations in most easy way.
  • Breathe Slowly: when you are really angry on something, that you realise that your mind is getting destructive, breathe slowly in order to calm down. Breathe out for longer than you breathe in, it helps.
  • Count of 10: It is the most common technique, experienced by many people to control anger. Count 1- 10 and see what it does to feel peaceful.
  • Healthy diet: Work on your diet plan. Eat healthy, stay happy. Your diet should be a proper combination of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins you intake. It also affects your mental health. When you do not eat properly you feel mood swings in terms of negative thoughts.
  • Connect with family and friends: Often meet your friends and family, spend quality time with them. It gives you happiness. Work will never end, you need to balance between work and personal life. Set your priorities effectively.
  • Positive thinking: Positive thinking have a great impact on your mental state. Stay positive, accept the challenges. You can deal with any situation in an easy manner. Do not complicate the things.
  • Drink lot of Water: Hydrate yourself as much as you can, that is a very good therapy. When you feel like getting very angry on something, drink lot of water. You will feel better. In meditation classes also, they suggest you to increase water intake. It will help you to control aggression, anxiety, stress.


Guys, hope I have not bored you, these points may be will help you deal with your anger. Please do not get angry on me on writing all this. Ha ha. Jokes apart. Anger management is the need of the hour. We workaholic people are behaving unbelievably rude these days. So try something to get into the calm state.

On a lighter note, I would like to say, In India, we read and heard many jokes on wives, who pitch out their anger on their husbands without a valid reason. Is this correct ladies? (It happens sometimes in my case also). Something wrong happens to us suddenly and the poor husband has to face the awful situation. So my request to all beautiful ladies is to try to control your emotions darlings. The jokes should be meant for men right?

But I do not mean that all Husbands are innocent, (I am lucky indeed) they do show their anger sometimes too, so one request to all the couples, enjoy all flavors of life. Stay happy, stay together. Respect each other. Thanks for your patience guys.


Be happy, keep smiling, Count your blessings!!

Beena Himthani

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