An ode to loneliness

An ode to loneliness

Hi guys. What’s up? As a millennial myself, I have seen many other millennials and elderly people feeling alone most of the times. It may be that they lack certain comfort or their relationships doesn’t satisfy them. Whichever way it may be, loneliness alone can drive a lot of issues to individuals as well as to all those attached to that very individual. So today, I am sharing how it feels to be a  loner and how we can cope with it.

I am all those unplayed songs on your phone,
Those unwrapped gifts in the shelve,
Those unread books in the library,
Those uncoloured pictures in the drawing file,
Those uncovered photos frame on the walls,
Those unsolved riddle in the newspaper,
Those unbelievable fairy tales in the good night’s stories,
Those unimaginable consequences just like that of my love,
Those unacceptable ideas that revolve in my head,
Those unreasonable needs and fetish desires which are highly unattainable,
Those unwanted hair everywhere on my skin,
Those unwilling wills forcibly signed to satisfy the ill wills,
Those unreliable sources which are always mocked upon,
That unusual reality which is beyond the rationality,
Yet everything remains UNBREAKABLE and unchained bond like
You and me!!

We all are at different edges in our lives. We all need a helping hand to save us from falling into a deep dark ocean. That hand maybe of somebody else’s or our own pseudo limb or that of God. We all need a saviour sometime in our lives. Look around, we are really fortunate. Curb the negativity and be a blessing to someone.

Keep counting your blessings and shine. Love and light. Shootout to me in the comment section below. Let’s all spread the much needed love.

Manushreya Sharma

Team Creative Vibes

2 thoughts on “An ode to loneliness

  1. radhika

    brave and excellent efforts ! always so proud !

    1. Manushreya Sharma
      Manushreya Sharma says:

      Thanks a million Radhika ma’am. ❤

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