AGNIPUTR – When Agni First Spoke

Author – Vadhan

Creative Vibes Rating – 4/5

Genre – Fiction

Pages – 354

ISBN- 978-93-86141-07-01

Publication House – Bloomsbury



The Story begins with an incident in 1940 in a remote village of Gudem. An Extraordinary Cripple disappeared from the Gudem to end the time of terror. He gave his life to confine Sutram – The God of agony, in the boundaries of a tomb. Many people were unaware to the secret that somewhere deep beneath the Earth the evil resides.

Many years later Raghuram Surya, who was a well known Advocate in gurgaon, received an order of requisition of his ancestral castle from Government of India. Unaware of the fact that the Sutram resides beneath his own legacy, he went to Gudem to take the command of the situation.

On The other side, the whole scenario is created by a powerful politician, Kiromal and his Advisor – A Tantric. They intend to use the evil beneath the castle to play God.

Sheila, who is a scientist, was tasked to investigate the Sutram. When she discovered that Raghuram is also leading to the same direction in which she is leading, they both came together as a team. Using Quantum Science to interpret a Vedic verse, they unveil the secrets of the creation, layer by layer, to stop the destruction. Will they be a step ahead of Kiromal to complete their task and save the Mankind? Will Kiromal succeed in his evil acts? Will Sutram able to come out to eradicate the planet? Who is Agniputr? Get your copies now to know everything end to end –




The Author has done a tremendous job in researching the facts and weaving the story. Its an absolute page turner and make you feel so involved in the story that you cannot keep the book down. The whole picture runs so smoothly in your mind. Words are very alluring and every connected theory is described amazingly. Every character is described with justified words so that a reader can create a picture in his or her mind quite easily. The book is filled with many mysteries and some facts actually stole my heart. The Philosophy about God and Anti God, Evil and the Good is very well described and makes the reader think about it. Every plot, Every Character, Every single fact is very well connected to the other which shows the extreme research done by the Author. Its more than a book, its a journey.

What I love About the Book

The Philosophy is what actually made me more involved in the book. One Theory which caught my eyes is that “Life or this mortality is nothing but a dream” Wow! With the ‘Spoiler Alert’ mode on, I will just say that last two chapters are beyond one’s imagination. They are undoubtedly amazing

What I found a little inappropriate

Some things were hard to digest like some tricks done by the Tantric were hard to digest and raise a question on the possibility.



Personally, I enjoyed the whole journey. It was a great blend of Mystery, politics, power, philosophy and love. I completed the book in a single day itself because as one chapter ends, I was unable to control my eagerness to read further. Kudos to the Author!





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