Many of us being adolescents go through many changes which we start blaming on our surroundings and it becomes difficult for us to cope with them but if we are aware about ourselves if we know what is exactly going on in our life it becomes easy to accept it happily and move on with it. Adolescence is a period of transition from childhood to adulthood. A person in this stage grows mentally, physically, socially and emotionally. Life sometimes seems very happening and sometimes very dull. There is conflict with parents and a general statement passed ‘they don’t understand me.’ Peers become like family with whom they can connect the most. There is sometimes a feeling of loneliness and sometimes they are occupied with many people. There is tension for studies but there is also a want for social liking. Adolescence is the most confusing stage as there is tendency to be treated like adults but fear to take responsibilities. It is a fun stage too where one can enjoy company of others and like spending time with oneself. There are some general characteristics which all adolescents share and about which they should be aware so that they can make their lives easy and live in a happy way with less chaos and tension and enjoy being an adult with no responsibilities. Adolescents go through the following things.

                                              Fighting is not the solution


  1. Moodiness – they experience a lot of mood swings without any cause behind it. They feel happy one time and sad the next moment. Certain hormonal changes are the cause for it and they don’t need to worry about it and let it go as soon as they can because it is not in their hands.
  2. Rebellious attitude – they go through a lot of storm and stress and tend to have conflict with their parents because they feel parents don’t understand them and they become argumentative but instead they should try to be empathetic and keep themselves at their parents place.
  3. Want freedom- parents try to control their adolescent children and the more they feel they are being controlled the more they want freedom. Adolescents don’t like interference in their lives and want to make all their decisions on their own. They should instead think logically and should not argue with their parents if they refuse to something. They should understand their parents love them and want them to be safe.
  4. Give importance to peers- during this time adolescents treat friends like their family and give them all the priority. They enjoy their company because their friends tend to support them for their every decision and hence most of the decisions taken by adolescents are influenced by their friends. Adolescents should think logically and think about the right and wrong before they make any decision. They should tell and consult their family who will give them honest suggestions.
  5. Have identity crises- sometimes they are treated as a child and are expected to behave in a certain way and sometimes as an adult and they are expected to take their own responsibility. Parents leave them confused as whether they are adult or not. Adolescents should talk to their parents about this and discuss whatever makes them uncomfortable and confused.

                             Handle it Gently
  6. Attracted towards opposite sex- adolescents become more concerned about their appearance and are attracted towards the opposite sex. They tend to feel flattered when they communicate and interact with opposite sex. They should relax and not feel they are in love with the other person because it is just physical attraction. They should try to love themselves before they fall in love for other person.
  7. Self centred- adolescents lack empathy and tend to see everything from their own point of view only. They don’t try to understand what the other person is saying. They should try to learn to listen and understand what the other person wants to say without losing patience.
  8. Feel they have imaginary audience- they feel when they go out everyone notices only them and hence they become very self conscious if they feel they are not dressed nicely or there is an ink stain on their shirt. They should not think about others thinking about them and should not let others way of thinking affect them.
  9. Person fable- they feel no one understands them and also nothing can happen to them. They live in their own imaginary happy world where nothing wrong could happen to them. They should try to be practical and accept the reality that anything can happen to anyone anytime.


                             Its a stage of life

Adolescence  is a very delicate stage and adolescents have certain needs and wants and myths about themselves and others but if they try to handle their life well there is nothing that can cause tension and make them feel sad about life. Many things affect their personality but it is also a very crucial stage to develop self esteem and strong areas of oneself. It is important for one to feel positive about himself or herself and start becoming practical in life diverting their attention towards what they want to achieve and how they will achieve it. If all the attention  is focussed in the right direction there is nothing that can cause any tension in an adolescents life.


Jessica Budhwani

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