I hugged him and left his shirt wet on the shoulders by my tears. He was the love of my life, my Aayush. I could make out that he is hiding his tears of helplessness behind his charming smile. We had been together since 5 years with lots of on and off, but the dedication, trust, love, commitment we had for each other after spending fifteen days with each other in a different state were the greatest we both ever felt.




We had met in Singapore. I had gone there for a vacation with my family and he was there with his friends. I still remember that day like it happened just yesterday, I was at the travel desk of that hotel enquiring about tourist attractions in Singapore, when I saw 3 Indian guys at the reception of that hotel. Since travel desk was near to reception I could easily hear their conversation by which I got to know their names.

There was Arpit, who was tall, lean and cute guy wearing a funky  t-shirt and shorts with loafers, then there was rahul a little dark but handsome guy and then my eyes met Aayush, those big eyes, heavy eyebrows, wheatish complexion, dense but neatly made beard. He was wearing a lust red Louis philippe shirt with dark blue denims. Aayush was taller than rahul. Those naughty yet innocent eyes were acting like glue for my eyes, I was just staring at him.  He noticed me staring at him, my face turned red out of embarrassment as I turned towards the travel desk. After making my 2 day travel plan I headed towards the elevator lobby.

As the elevator’s gates opened, I entered in pressed 11 as my room was  on 11th floor, as the gates were closing I saw Aayush on the other side of elevator asking me to open the gates. As I pressed the button and the gated opened the trio with a bellman carrying two bulky suitcases entered the lift. Seeing my nervousness, Aayush cracked a joke in hindi, I don’t remember the joke but yea it broke the ice between us and made me smile. Then he asked me my name and from where I belong in India, I told him my name and replied ‘Delhi’ proudly. I enquired the same from him. He was from ‘Mumbai’ . I don’t know how but at that moment we both felt a spark and felt an urge to know more about each other. I could easily see in his eyes his sincere desrire to talk to me, but to my hard luck, the elevator was too fast that day and in no time the gates opened in 11th floor. Their room no. was 1103, quite far from my room 1123, I went straight to my room bidding them goodbye. My family was getting ready, I packed our hand bags with necessary items like water bottle, napkins, etc. and told them to hurry up or we will miss the hotel bus going to ‘The Sentosa’.

We locked our room and moved towards The Alaquas restaurant in the hotel for our buffet breakfast. We went in and my parents sat around a table for four, while I and my sibling Harshita went to bring breakfast for them. As harshita was filling the plate for mom, she was just copying me, whatever I was putting in the plate for dad, she was putting for mom. As I was having a look on the food counters, I saw those three guys coming to the restaurant. I hurriedly putted in some fruits, couple of bread loafs, a croissant and gave the filled plate to my dad. Then I went to take my breakfast. Aayush was there toasting bread for himself. Not to look too interested in him, I straight away went to the egg station and waited as the chef was already busy. Rahul was also there, I started talking to him, he was acting quite cheesy with me. Seeing me interacting with his friend aayush pitched in, soon rahul went away taking his omelette, leaving me and aayush there. I got to know aayush was a third year student in IIT Powai. His dad was a police commissioner in Mumbai.At that moment the obvious thought ‘bade baap ka beta’ crossed my mind. That was the first time Aayush gave me a compliment “your smile is cute” to which I blushed and said thank you. As my omelette got ready, we exchanged our numbers. and I went to have my breakfast with my family. I was wondering whether the compliment was genuine or was he flirting with me?


-TO BE CONTINUED ( part-2 will be uploaded on 2nd may 2017)

-Believe In Yourself And Keep Smiling

Manasvi Kansal


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