A Perfect Love Story Of Not So Perfect People (part-6)

A Perfect Love Story Of Not So Perfect People (part-6)


The next morning I woke up to find 11 miss calls from Aayush. I had no idea why he had called me, so I chose to ignore his calls and went to freshen up. When I came out of my washroom, Harshita told me that I, she and mom are going for shopping at 12 pm. From past months I had no excitement for the thing I loved the most ‘shopping’.

Quickly I ate my breakfast and we three left for Connaught Place. On reaching there, we were going from 1 shop to another when my attention was caught by an anklet hanging at a roadside jewellery stall. It was very similar to what Aayush had gifted me. All the memories of incidents that took place with us came to my mind, all at once. Then I remembered about his 11 miss calls. This made me curious and I dropped a text on his phone reading-

‘I’ll call you in the evening’.

After buying some stuff for mom and a lot of things for my drama queen- Harshita, we came back home. It was 7pm in the clock. Mom being tired asked me to cook the dinner. I being the one who hates doing kitchen chores just ordered pizza for everyone.

In the night when I was in my bed to sleep, I called Aayush.


‘hii, miss busy!’

‘Voh I had been out shopping since morning.’

‘ohh shopping, your favourite thing to do’!!!


‘With Tushar?’

‘Umm…… no, with family’

‘So, what’s with Tushar?’

‘Matlab? Everything’s good.’

‘May I tell you a fact?’

‘Yeah, go on.’

‘I know you very well; you cannot hide things from me.’

‘What do you wanna say? I am hiding something from you?


‘N what’s that?’

‘I want to listen it from you.’

‘Listen what? I am not hiding anything and why would I hide from you’?

‘Don’t you have a fight with Tushar?’

Listening to this, I had tears in my eyes.

(How the fuck, he knows me so well. Wait…..did I told him something unknowingly; I recollected our whole conversation; No I didn’t told him anything)

Controlling my tears, I said

‘No, he doesn’t fight with me.’

‘Come on spill the beans now’

‘Yaar, kuch nhi hua h ,kyun pareshaan kar raha h?’

‘Ok, I am dialling up his number and putting you on conference call.’

‘No, don’t.  We have broken up.’(I sobbing)

‘But, why?’

‘I don’t know, he did it, I think he is bored now.’

‘Saala, Chu ****, *** (He abused him a lot)

‘Don’t use these words for him’

‘WTF, should I talk to him? He can’t leave you just like that.’

‘I have tried, but he doesn’t want to come back, I can’t force him.’

‘You are the most amazing girl I know, he must be blind to leave you.’

‘I was most amazing girl for you, I am not for everyone.’

‘You ARE for me and for everyone.’

‘ok, Acha how’s Neha?’

‘Don’t change the topic’ (he said angrily)

‘I am always there for you, you can call me at any point of time, even if I am in relation with someone right now, it doesn’t mean I have broken our friendship. I always value my friends over Neha and you are my special friend.’

‘I know all this already, that’s why called you that day.’

‘Thank you for calling me’

‘You know, you are the best guy I have ever met’.

‘Thank you…..’

‘Hey can you talk on messages? I think someone’s knocking on my door.’


I quickly opened the door of my bedroom and found my dad there.

‘Kisse baat kar rahi thi?’

‘papa, vo friend thi…..kuch kaam tha aapko?’

‘haan,  charger chahiye ,mere phone ka kaam nhi kar raha’

‘ohh ,ye lo’

‘Sleep now, it’s already so late’ (My dad said)

I hurriedly closed the door and immediately texted Aayush

‘Today is the best day of my life; I got my best friend back’.

‘I never went away from you’

‘I am sorry for what I did to you’

‘It’s ok, at least you have realised my value now.’

I wanted to say many things at that moment but remembering about Neha I just texted

‘Am sleepy now, shall I sleep now?’

‘Yeah, sure’

‘good night, take care’

‘goOD NIght baby. (He said baby to me!)

I love when he calls me baby.

That night I slept with a smile after ages.

TO BE CONTINUED (Next Part to be uploaded on 3rd July 2017)

-Believe in yourself and keep smiling

Manasvi Kansal

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  1. Shivek Khurana
    Shivek Khurana says:

    Hi Manasvi!
    I really liked how you wrote about feelings being so realistically. Why did you not share your feelings with Vartika/ your best friend?
    Also Don’t you think having a guy male best friend is always helpful?

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