It had been now 8 months that I have not heard from Aayush.

My life was not going smooth with Tushar; I had started to have arguments on even petty things with him. In the past days I had realised that Tushar was not the person meant for me and he is much different person from what he pretended to lure me.

Within four months, Tushar broke up with me giving me no acceptable reason. I was devastated with my break-up. I became numb and depressed after that, I didn’t spoke about it to anyone, neither did I cried my pain out; I was so shocked and broken. I was at a point where I knew I needed help but didn’t had the courage to call out for it, I thought Aayush is also happy in his life and no longer misses or needs me as it had been more than a year since I had heard his voice.

Everything seem still to me from the day Tushar had broken up with me. I, who was an excellent student in academics almost failed in my current semester of graduation.

One day I geared up all my strength and called up Aayush. He picked up the call in 2 rings.


‘Hi, kaisi hai’?

‘I am good, what about you’?

‘I am good too, aaj itne dinno ke baad meri yaad kaise’?

‘Was just missing you, are you still single or committed now’?


‘Hello??? You there?

‘Yeahh…..I am committed now, leave this you say how is Tushar’?

‘Tushar is good, so who is the lucky girl?

‘Neha…remember her’?

‘Umm…the sexbomb of your class’?

‘Hehehe….yup, she’s my girlfriend. In fact, abhi I am going to meet her only.

‘Ohh, sorry to disturb…enjoy your date!

‘You never disturb me, I am always free for you…and you know that.’

‘Shhhh…don’t flirt, you are committed now.’

‘I am not flirting.’

‘When would you be back home?’

‘Within 5 hours.’

‘Ok, will call you then, buhbyee take care.’

‘Okay, byee’!

In those 5 hours, the thoughts storming my brain were,

Aayush seem so happy with Neha. Should I tell him about my breakup? Obviously no, I cannot ruin his current relation. And moreover, Neha must be giving him the love, care he deserves, so I cannot come between them now. I should just not come again in his life. After all, Aayush deserves all the happiness in the world.

Therefore, I concluded that I am not going to tell anything to him rather I’ll not bother him by my call again.

After around 8 hours, it was near to 2am, when my phone rang. I picked up the phone half asleep and in a husky voice said



I instantly got alert hearing Aayush’s voice.

‘You didn’t called up…I thought you wanted to talk?

‘Ohh, Actually I got busy and completely forgot to call you and slept. I had called you up just like that, there is nothing important to talk about.’

‘So, how’s your college going?’

‘Pretty good’!   (I lied)

‘So, how was your date?’, I asked

‘It was good’.

‘Tell me more about Neha, the lucky girl’.

‘She indeed is lucky, but I am luckier to have her. She is a gem of a person.’

‘Wow!!! Love is in the air <3.

‘Wait, Tushar is calling me, I’ll talk to you some other time.’  (I again lied hiding my discomfort listening good about his girlfriend).

I kept the phone, stared at his whatsapp display picture for some time and slept remembering about my good time with Aayush.

-TO BE CONTINUED (Part-6 to be uploaded on 19 June 2017)

-Manasvi Kansal

(Believe in yourself and keep smiling)

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