My legs became heavy.  It required considerable effort to lift them and I was trying to move forward and enter his room, I heard some footsteps coming near me. I got alert and as a reflex action my body turned around and started going towards my room. Nervously, I walked and collided with Arpit. I greeted him, he updated me with Aayush’s health to which I showed some concern and pretending that I am getting late, I went to my room.

On reaching my room, I realised that tonight is our last night in Singapore; our flight was in next day noon. I called up Aayush to enquire about his health. He was feeling better with a fall in body temperature, so I insisted him to meet me by the pool side. I with Harshita, took our swimsuit and went for a relaxing time in water. As I went near the pool, I saw Aayush already waiting for me. Harshita became so happy seeing Aayush that she just went and hugged him. I wished I could have hugged him at that time. I told her to go, take a shower and change into swim dress. Being an obedient and super sweet sister, she agreed.

I touched Aayush’s forehead to check his fever. His forehead was cooler than my hand, I took a breath of relief. And asked him ‘are you ok’?

To which he smiled and flirtingly said ‘if you will be this much concerned, I never want to be ok :p ‘

I felt irritated by his answer and asked him to go and have some rest.

He questioned me

‘Do you think I am an idiot’?

I was puzzled as in what have I said to make him think like that….?

He again questioned me

‘Do you think I am an idiot to miss the beautiful sight of you swimming’?

Listening this, I blushed but soon coming back to reality I requested him to order a soup & sit by the pool side, so that he can drink it while watching me swim. I went in to change and he to place order.

I came out with Harshita, we both were in swimsuit, I was wearing towel bathrobe over my swimsuit. I was feeling hell lot of nervous and shy and on top of that Aayush was continuously gazing at me, scanning me from top to bottom. I removed my towel bath robe and quickly went inside the swimming pool.

It was not hard to figure out that Aayush loved me in swimsuit, as he was awestruck looking at me.

Spoiling his dream mode, I shouted to him from the pool, ‘your soup is getting cold’.

Innocent Aayush felt embarrassed and at a gallop drank his soup. After finishing his soup he sat on swimming pool chair, pretending to be busy on his phone. Smart ass he is!!!

After having fun in water for about an hour, I and Harshita went in the changing room. We both came out in our regular clothes to find the trio standing in our way and gossiping. I greeted all of them, just then Aayush said ‘let’s meet in bar room in 30 mins.’

Since it was our last night in Singapore, my family came with me to the bar room at the terrace.  Seeing me with my family, Aayush became a bit nervous.

After some time, Rahul came to me without my parent’s notice & whispered “go to your room, now’. I looked around & did not find Aayush. So I got up and giving an excuse to pee, I went toward my room downstairs. I met Aayush outside the elevator waiting for me. We moved inside the lift, not saying a word, we both were speechless. Our floor arrived and I started moving towards my room. Aayush showed some courage and stopped me by holding my hand. He asked me to close my eyes, I closed expecting a hug or kiss. But surprisingly I felt something on my ankle instead of face. Startled me, opened my eyes n saw him tying the anklet I loved in Bugis street to my ankle. I gasped and asked him what are you doing? He looked up and shushed me. I was moved by his gift. He stood up and asked ‘you wanted this, naa’? Without thinking I hugged him. Having his arms wrapped around my body is the best feeling ever. I weakly asked him ‘how, when and why?’ He only answered my why and said, ‘because you loved it, bas nothing else is more important’.

I held his hand and took him to my room. He was again and again asking me that ‘am I sure of what I am doing’. I told him to keep quiet and do as I say. I asked him to sit on the couch and close his eyes. For a moment, he was shocked and started defending himself that he never wanted to do all this with me. He even told me that it’s not right thing to do right now. This time I shushed him and insisted him to close his eyes. Then I took out the Chanel men fragrance from my bag that i bought the day before for him and kept it on his  right palm.

When he realised it is a gift and I am not doing any hanky panky with him, he took a breath of relief. Happily, he asked a very illogical question…

‘Is this or me’?

‘No, it’s for Arpit. I find him very hot.’ I said teasingly. He then playfully pulled my cheeks.

Then we quickly exited from my room and went upstairs to the bar. We enjoyed separately there and after a while I with my family went to our room.

I received a message by Aayush

‘GoOd nIgHT baby :* :* :*

I was on cloud nine, listening to baby from Aayush!

The next day we had a 10am flight. So we got up early and hurriedly got ready, did our breakfast and proceeded to check out.  We were waiting at the hotel gate for a taxi when Aayush woke up and realised that I must be leaving. He messaged me asking me where am I? I told him I am at the hotel parking waiting for a taxi. Within a minute he replied

‘Come to the lobby restrooms’.

I took the permission from dad and went. I waited there for about a minute, when I saw him. Completely drenched in sweat, he pulled me behind the wooden block kept over there and almost suffocated me with his strong hug.

‘I’ll miss you’, he said wailfully.

I asked him about the reason for so much sweating.

He told me the lift was taking too long to come, he couldn’t afford to miss this hug, so he came running down 11 floors.

I unwillingly bid him goodbye and went to my family in a hurry.




-Manasvi Kansal

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