I with my family returned from ‘Sentosa’ by evening. We all were damn tired, so,  we took a nap. I woke up at around 8 pm, energetic and fresh I was. Nearly in half an hour, everyone was up, till that time I had already ordered my favourite dal makhani, shahi paneer with some breads from the Indian restaurant in our hotel. I had also made a plan to go for shopping in the famous night market ‘The Bugis street’.

But to my dismay, my parents refused to go as they were still tired. I was quite upset due to the refusal when the dinner arrived. Gloomily I ate my dinner. Since I was quite irritated my dad allowed me to go for a walk in the hotel premises. While I was crossing the reception I overhead some women enquire about the bus going to the Bugis Street. I instantly got attentive and asked further about it and got to know that 15-20 hotel’s guest are going there that night only and hotel is arranging a mini bus for all of them. I got excited hearing this, and straight away went to my dad and told him all this and requested him to let me and Harshita go. My dad called up the reception to enquire about the same. Since going in a group appeared safe to him, he agreed. The bus was leaving in half an hour. I hastily wore my knee length red skirt with white coloured top, my favourite danglers,  white coloured stilettos and left my hair open. Harshita was also excited and got ready in 10 minutes.

My dad came to drop us at the hotel parking and gave us some money. Being the elder sister I kept all the money safely. Amidst all this, I had completely forgotten about Aayush. I with Harshita sat in the bus occupying 2 seats out of 3 in that row. I was delighted to see Arpit, Aayush and Rahul coming to sit in the bus. First Arpit saw me, gave me a smile and moved ahead. Then my eyes met Aayush’s enchanting eyes. My eyes were gleaming with happiness to see him and he was mesmerised looking at me. His facial expressions were that of ‘wow.’ The trio occupied the row just behind my seat. Soon the bus was almost full. The bus started moving. After about 10 minutes, Aayush was forced by his friends to sit with me. Now Aayush was sitting next to Harshita and I was sitting next to her.

“Hi” Aayush said to me initiating the conversation. “Hey” was my response. Aayush greeted Harshita with “hey princess.” ‘What’s your lovely name?’ he asked  flattering my sister. Soon Harshita was friends with him and was telling him about our trip to Sentosa. I was feeling ignored and irritated as he gave all the attention only to her. Soon the bus stopped at our destination. Now Harshita and Aayush’s chit-chat was getting on my nerves. I sternly asked Harshita,”you wanna come with me or go with him?” Perplexed Harshita innocently requested Aayush “Bhaiya, aap hamare sath chalo naa.”  And BINGO! That’s what Aayush wanted, He immediately agreed.

While strolling in the market, an exquisite anklet caught my attention. I was elated when I tried on that anklet. Anyone who would have seen me at that moment could easily know how much I liked that. But to my dismay, that anklet was for $35. My parents won’t spare me if I spend $35 on this anklet; thinking this, I moved ahead. I bought 2 t-shirts, 1 handbag while Harshita had bought 1 skirt.

Now was the time to go back. Harshita slept all the way back and finally Aayush interacted with me. We talked about our families, friends, our colleges, etc. Our hotel arrived and we all went to our respective rooms.

I was too tired and slept as soon as l lay on my bed. My phone was kept on the table next to my bed,  I woke up by a beep on my phone. I checked my phone half asleep. 9 new messages from Aayush, I sat up with a jolt. (Yippee Aayush’s messages.) I opened them




I wanna talk….

Please reply…..

Your sister is really sweet….:)

You were angelic today….

You sleeping qa?

You were looking gorgeous today, sleeping beauty!!!

A shy smile spread all over my face. ‘Hi, thanks for the compliment.’ was, my reply. Seeing my reply Aayush called up. I instantly disconnected the call and messaged him, ‘can’t talk on call, please message.’

Then we talked on text for almost 2 hours. We discussed about our plan for next day and made a plan that we would meet at Garden By  Bay and make sure it looks like a coincidence to my family.

As planned, I went there with my family and was expecting Aayush to meet me, but there was no sign of him. After about 2 hours I called him up and got to know that he is having high fever. I was worried for him. In the evening when I reached hotel, I made up an excuse to go to the hotel pool area. But instead of the pool side my feet took me in front of Aayush’s room. I found myself knocking his door.


“Yes?” came Aayush’s voice from inside. I was confused what to say, so I choose to stay quite. Assuming it’s the hotel staff, Aayush asked me to come in.

-TO BE CONTINUED (PART-3 to be uploaded on 9 may 2017)

-Believe in yourself and keep smiling

-Manasvi Kansal


  1. Generally we read a love story in which the narrator is Male, but in this it’s a female, and that makes it more interesting. Good work.


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