A Note by the Almighty…

A Note by the Almighty…

Give everything to me
Your pain, your sorrow
Your love, your devotion
The reason for your actions
The mistakes you make
The choices you made
Oh! I will take all of them with a smile

Why do you worry child ?
I’m sitting here, watching everything
I felt ignored when you think that
You are alone.
No, you are not
I’m always with you
I’m inside you, guiding you
Before every single step

Why don’t you listen to me?
Why don’t you trust me?
Sitting there, I say nothing
But the truth
Why don’t you understand
That you are nothing but,
A little river which originated from a sea
And that’s sea is me
You are my child,
My unique creativity
No one can harm you
No one can touch you without my permission
Even death will go back empty handedly
If it will trouble you unnecessarily

Why do hard penance?
Why trouble yourself?
Why you stay Hungry unnecessarily?
To impress me?
Look around you
Do you see any man
Who feel happy when
his child sleeps empty stomach?
How can I eat happily
When my child is starving?
You are me
I’m you
I’m present in your noblest of actions
Your desire to help others
Your love for your family
I feel happy when you feed others
Before having your meal
I feel proud when you go out of the way
And help others
I feel amazing when you stay strong
In all the turbulent conditions of life

Oh! I forgot to mention that
I loved when you feed that stray dog,
With those broken biscuits, I felt satisfied.
I couldn’t control my happiness when
You hug that poor kid who was unable
to find his mother in the temple
You made me smile
Do not believe the foolish people
Who try to build a wall between you and me
I don’t want any donations or funds
I just want to see you happy, cheerful, smiling
It makes me love you more
I accept you with all your shortcomings
I know you are not perfect
I don’t care
I just love you for who you are
I made you because of a reason
I feel great when you try to learn
I feel obliged when you are grateful to me
Don’t try to find me in the temples, mosques or churches
I’m residing inside you, here near your heart
And just saying
Give everything to me
Your karmas
Your desires
Your past
Your Today
Your tomorrow
Anything to everything
And I will take everything with a smile…
Why do you worry child?


Himanshu R Nagpal

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