Letter to my Countrymen

A Letter to My Countrymen

Sisters and Brothers of India

Today, I’m writing this letter for each Indian to congratulate him or her for being born on this noble land where giants like Ashoka The Great, Swami Vivekananda, Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Dr. Kalam walked. I want to Congratulate you for being a part of one of the largest democracy present on Planet Earth. where people from different sects, castes, and religious believe lives together. I Congratulate you for being born in the nation which always respects the freedom of others and has never tried to invade some other nation and overpower it, provided India itself was overpowered by different rulers and countries Starting from Alexander, Greeks, Turks, Moguls, Britishers and so on. Heartiest congratulations for being born in the nation whose History is so colorful and vibrant. Be Proud, My dear Countrymen!

Letter to my Countrymen
Letter to my Countrymen

Freedom – Whenever we think about this word, The black and white pictures of India’s Struggle against Britishers flashes in our mind. Various Freedom Fighters and their courage to make this nation free from the clutches of the British Raj. It was struggle filled with Courage, Leadership, Confidence, and Unity in the nation. But if we think for a moment that even after almost 71 years of attaining freedom from The Britishers, can we say ourself free? Are our Heart and Mind is still not Invaded? Are we not being controlled by something? My dear Brethren. We are being Controlled by the Media channels and various social media websites. These two things are spreading in the blood of the nation slowly. Switch on any news channel and what you will see are probably Negativity and Pessimism. What you will see is various news of Rapes, Murders, Calamities, Poverty, cheap Politics and Silly Gossips. What you will see is the stupid news of Film Star’s personal life. Ahh, it is like piercing a sharp sword in the heart of the nation. I’m saying this because What hides behind this stupid news is the achievements of our nation. Read this very carefully, My dear ones. I’m about to tell you what the news channels never show.

Letter to my Countrymen
Letter to my Countrymen

No news channel will show you that our nation stands proudly in the first position if we talk about Milk Production. No one will tell you that what are our achievements in Rocket Science and launching SLVs. We know that Sonam Kapoor is getting married in coming days, but we don’t know that our nation is the second largest producer of wheat and rice. Our Children knows Honey Singh’s raps by heart but they don’t know that India is the nation who reached on Mars on its very first attempt. No channel will show you these news after a week after the achievements. They are busy in Glorify our cricket team when they won a match and starts cursing them when they lose one. Believe it or not, they love to play with your subconscious. They find happiness by burying the seed of negativity in your mind, which will probably one day, become saplings of frustration, Anger, Negativity and national disturbance. All riots and disturbances are the cruel results of the Indian Media.

Letter to my Countrymen
Letter to my Countrymen

If I may write more and sing more the glory of our nation, I would love to discuss the Nuclear Weapon Initialisation which happened in Pokhran back in 1998. Few of us know that our nation has its own nuclear weapons. Which means that we can blast any nation and eradicate its major chunk of the population. No, it doesn’t mean that. We, as a nation, Believe in World Peace. So, we have signed under the policy of “No First Use”. Which means that we will never initiate in attacking anyone. We made it very clear that Nuclear Weapons are for maintaining Peace in the World and defending ourself. With great power comes Great Responsibility, and we understand this by heart. We Indians can judge that when to join our hands and bow and when to lift a sword and fight. Be Proud, my dear ones!

Kalam Sahib once said, “Youth is the biggest asset of the Nation – On the Earth, Under the Earth, and Above the Earth.” And that’s really true. India is a young nation. Majority of its population is between the age of 15 and 35. We have the muscles of steel and heart of gold filled with indomitable energy. But, it really breaks my heart whenever I see youngsters restricting their gift called life, by the filthy walls of various Social media platform. If you look at this minutely, you will observe that the today’s youth is busy in balancing Two different lives – One, which is portrayed on the social media platforms; which is glamorous, colorful, Vibrant, Fancy but Artificial. And the Other is their real life, Which is Lonely, Restless and extremely depressed. Believe it or not, we have created a barrier between our two different lives. We know how a Facebook friend doing in London, but we don’t see that what is happening in our family. We know about the tweets of Bollywood celebrities, but we have no idea about where our nation is going. We celebrate Mother’s day on Facebook by posting our Mom’s picture, but we have no time to sit with her every day. We know the whole world, But we don’t know ourselves.

Letter to my Countrymen
Letter to my Countrymen

The social media is weakening the Nation. It is diminishing its glory. It is like a poison which is getting dissolved in the Nation’s blood. Sacrifice is the solution, guys. It is the very high time to stop this nonsense and start building our real life. One facebook picture won’t make you a star, but your actions will. Investing time in self-development by reading good books, meeting Optimistic people, sitting in solitude and having faith in the Almighty will make your real life amazing. All of us know that how much social media is killing our time. We know that how much it is disturbing our personal life. But it has become an addiction now. We are unable to control our fingers. We subconsciously tap that facebook Icon on our smartphone. Think once again, Are we guys free? Do we guys call ourself Independent, when we are controlled by this silly habit? If we want to see our nation developed, we have to make this sacrifice. We have to diverge our time as well as energies in thinking and working towards our personal, societal and National goals. We have to work with Righteousness in our hearts. Because Kalam sahib said:-

“When There is Righteousness in The heart,

There is Beauty in Character.

When there is Beauty in the heart,

There is Harmony in the Family.

When there is harmony in The Family,

There is Order in The Nation.

When There is order in the Nation,

There is Peace in the World.”

So my dear ones, everything begins with the righteousness in the heart.  G.D.P, PCI., Balance of trade and all those statistical figures are secondary in developing a nation. Righteousness in your heart and actions are primary. And I’m not saying that social media is bad. It is beautiful and has the power to bring a revolution in the nation. But we don’t know how to tap its power. We are busy in abusing it instead of using it. So let’s restrict our time which we spend on social media and start working on our real goals. Let’s make our Life as well as the life of our countrymen beautiful. Let’s sacrifice our today so that the next generation can see a happy, Glorious and Developed India. Amen!

Love, Laughter, and Peace

Himanshu R Nagpal

2 thoughts on “A Letter to My Countrymen

    J K CHANDNA says:

    I fully endorse your views especially the undutyful role being played by both digital and print media. Social media is also leading us to unnecessary watage of time,rumors barring a few useful information. Our young and upcoming generation is not educated properly on the development and achievments of our great Nation. This is a very sorrow state of affairs.
    Anyways sending a video separately about our achievments,giving some satisfaction and pride.Please watch,though little long

  2. Maneesha Agrawal
    Maneesha Agrawal says:

    A heart rendering addressal to the nation by a young Indian. What is written here reinstates my hope…. For I’ve always believed that all is not lost by the legacy called India. And today Himanshu Nagpal provides yet another brilliance to the thought, another silver lining in the dark.Brace up, my beautiful nation! Your young Marshalls will lead you to glory once again.

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