A letter to an old frenemy

A letter to an old frenemy

Dear Ned


Hello, how are you. I hope you are doing well and enjoying the beginning of winters. Last night you sneak  into my room perhaps the window was not closed. I came to know about your presence by the thudding sound in the wooden almira . Let me tell you, that I was both shocked and mad due to your presence. Along with ninety lakh Farmers in my country I too share equal amount of animosity for you and your progeny. You ruined their crops, which is not just crops but their hard work, their only source of income, their last hope of being able to afford to send daughter to school. I am sure you don’t do it consciously, you just follow the NCERT’s bio book food chain picture diligently as we all know that humanity may forgot to perform their duties but animality never forget anything.  A fresh score of bread was there on our dining table now only crumbles left, I am sure Sansa and Arya must have joined you to accomplish that . A packet of Raisins was there in the Pooja room and you tore it down and ruined it all, now I know in Hinduism you are considered to be the Ride of lord ganesha but hey, he likes modak so do you, so why Raisins and bread Mr. I have heard  that little Jon is just born, please at least don’t make him such notorious like Arya and Sansa. Teach him some good lessons like never to stay in an house for longer than a week, so that he can pass it along to his offspring and hence an evolution of witty mouse and rats will take its place. I found my last letter chopped and sliced by you, I am sure the reason for that must be the name- common rat that I had given to you. This time I am designated you with the name familiar to worldwide. The Starks of the winter fell.


Please find a copy of this letter in your vicinity along with some old Expired cheese from my freezer and some bread crumbs the last night residual.


Give my regards to Catelyn.


You’re truly



Ps- I have placed a rat killer in all the corner of my house; you will be responsible for any further act.

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