A Knotty Affair

Author – Dhaval Birajdar Jinadatt

Creative Vibes Rating – 3.5/5

Genre – Fiction

Publication House – Lead Start Publications

No. Of Pages – 227

ISBN –  978-93-52016-24-2


Viraj Sargaokar (Gao) is a thirty- year old, software engineer based in Mumbai. Story begins with a wrong number, which takes the story into flashback. He was born and brought into a middle class family. His father was a college professor and luckily he got admission into the very same college. His life becomes topsy turvy because everyone there was rich and modern, which made him more self conscious and he was unable to befriend with anyone. Then Ruhi enters his life. She was a good natured, beautiful and understanding, unlike his rest of his classmates. The other classmates used to bully him because they thought that he was not one of them. He was unaware of that so called Modernised lifestyle.  He used to enjoy her company. His only guide is his mother who constantly guides him and understands him completely.

His Father, who was an honest and disciplined professor, was accused of bribery by some student’s parent.   Viraj never expected that and he was shattered. He was dealing with a constant under confidence, self-consciousness and stammering issues, but that incident was a big dent on his not so perfect life.

Will he able to prove his beloved Father’s innocence? Will he able to express his feelings to Ruhi? Can one wrong number has the tendency to change his life? Grab your copies from here to know more.

                                                                       A KNOTTY AFFAIR


The book has a constant innocence which made reader smile, think and cry. The language is catchy and involves the reader with the story. Undoubtedly, its a page turner and makes you think that “what’s gonna happen next?” Both the lead characters are well expressed and apt with the story. The character sketches are quite clear and understandable. A good book should have good beginning, catchy twists and turns, and an amazing ending. This book has all three of them. Love stories are meant to be a bit dramatic, this one is dramatic too. But that’s the most important thing about the book because it makes you involved in the book even after the book ends. The author has divided the book very intelligently into 7 defences (fragments) and every fragment starts with one twist and end up with another, which I think, catch the reader’s attention. The author handles the character’s love story with the court case’s twist and turns hand in hand. I would say they both are the wings of the story which makes it intriguing.

                                                                   A KNOTTY AFFAIR

What I love about the Book

Innocence. Yes! The character is so innocent. He knows his shortcomings, his problem areas, his fear, his desire to be loved and his helpful nature. The way he rise above even after all the problems and make his fears and problems his strength is just outstanding. Since the first page, till the last page he stays simple, generous and awesome.

What I found a little inappropriate

While reading the story I felt that author is on a fast track mode. With that, the author was losing expressions of the characters. Without concluding one episode properly, he was jumping very friskily to the other. It actually matters because twists and turns need expression.

                                                                 A KNOTTY AFFAIR


It’s a great read and author has written tremendously well.  It has a tendency to imprint long lasting impact on the reader’s mind.

To sum up, it’s

  •  Innocent
  • Intriguing
  • Amazing


See you again 🙂

Love, Laughter and Peace,

Himanshu R Nagpal


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