A Girl in love with a beggar

A Girl in love with a Beggar

Author – Anuj

Genre – Fiction – Romance

Creative Vibes Rating – 3/5

Pages – 155

Publisher – Kalamos Literary Services

ISBN – 978-93-84315-44-3



A girl, who is deeply in love,  deeply in love with a boy,  who is full of wisdom, full of warmth,  full of imagination. Shona,  a beautiful and intelligent doctor failed,  failed in keeping the norms of society.   Because she does something which is not acceptable,  which is unbelievable.  She falls in love with a beggar.  Yes,  you heard it right.”

She does not know anything, She was only following her heart.  She did not allow her mind control her feelings.  She forget about the world,  about the thinking of the people around her, about everything else.  She only think about one thing that she was in love with that beggar.

Kabir,  was not only a beggar,  he was more than that.  When Shona  arrives in his life,  he came into existence to the real world.  His own world of poems,  thoughts,  quotes was very beautiful.  But empty without Shona.

A story of love,  life,  existence.  It’s about present not about future.

A Girl in love with a beggar
A Girl in love with a beggar


This book is written in a smart yet cute way.  Author portray a beautiful scenery in readers mind. Kabir –  the male protagonist is strong,  handsome,  full of deep thoughts. He has the willingness to change the selfish thinking of world.  But he is enjoying his own company.  He was a beggar and he used to enjoy his work. Now you will say,  how a beggar can enjoy his work. Yes,  this happened. He enjoyed to play the melodious music with his flute. Initially it was hard for me to accept that how can a girl falls in love with a beggar. Is it possible?  But when I read page by page I got answers for my curiosity.

It is a beautiful script.Now I know the meaning of unconditional love. Shona the female protagonist,  is a doctor by profession.  But she seemed like a girl wandering around in search of meaning for her life. She got all her queries answered,  when she met Kabir. Somewhere in middle of story I felt a little unrealistic about the story but yeah the climax was amazing. At one point of time they both wanted to end their life. Kabir was feeling like enough of living and absorbing about harsh life.  And Shona was exhausted, she felt she can’t live even for a minute.  The climax would let you know,  what happened to them.

What I Love about the book

The story was plotted amazingly. All the characters of the story are interesting and justifying their role. Most interesting part was knowing that how deep a beggar can think and imagine. The language of the book is understandable with good usage of powerful words. Some facts about the life,  time and future are informative and helpful.

What I find a little inappropriate

The only thing I found a little in appropriate is initially it was hard to digest that Shona being a doctor falls for a beggar at first place. Secondly when you reach the middle of the story,  there was so much philosophy.  Which was sometimes boring,  and was not much required.


Overall, this one is good to read book. Interesting description about life of two people who are madly in love with each other. They both faced hard times yet they were in unconditional love. There were some beautiful poems by author which are making the story appealing.

Be happy, Keep smiling,  Count your blessings!!

Beena Himthani



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