Repairing and Replacing

Repairing and Replacing

In our earlier articles, we talked about minimalismdecluttering, and lots and lots of related stuff. We discussed why it is important to think before buying something new and what is actually living a fruitful life with as few resources as possible.

So today, I will try to cover a very crucial thing which we generally ignore because of that league to maintain the pace with the society.

A couple of months back our onion chopper stopped working. Before writing further, let me make it very clear that onion choppers are extremely cheap and it also reduces human efforts and time very efficiently. So my Mom told me to mend that if possible or if it is a tedious task, she told me to get a new one without any delay.

Now, there is a magical instrument which is always there in our home and we call it ‘Screwdriver’. I called it a magical instrument because when we pull a screw out of a machine, it takes us to all new realm which is usually hidden from human sight.

So I quickly opened the chopper and understood its dynamics after consulting a couple of youtube videos. The spring on which the whole chopper works was broken. I tried to find that spring from the local market, but I was unable to get it from anywhere. So I had no other option instead of getting a new one.

With this whole process of trying to repair something first and then replace it, I learned an amazing thing which is making my life less cluttered and a bit more interesting. I know many people who don’t give a second look to a product which isn’t working and they replace it as soon as possible. But repairing something with your own hands has a beauty. It’s a meditation when you focus on the screw coming out of the machine and you understand its dynamics. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment when you able to mend the machine.

I’m not saying that every time you have to mend the product yourself. I understand that you don’t have that much time to sit and repair each and everything broken around you. But here I would like to suggest you to always give your first priority to repair something, either by yourself or by a professional, instead of immediately replacing something.

The benefits of this process are clear – you’ll be able to save some of your hard-earned cash as well as there will be less clutter around you – how?  Let me try to explain it. There are chances that there is some stuff around you that is not serving its purpose, but it is still lying in your home. For example, I had that broken onion chopper lying above the refrigerator without serving its purpose till last week. I recently converted its jar into a soup bowl kind of thing and threw away its upper lid. So repairing something can reduce the clutter around you.

Here I would like to warn you that this process doesn’t work in every scenario. Many a time, the replacement cost of the product is less than the cost of repairing. Technological advancement has made this scenario quite common. So there you can replace that product safely without giving a second thought.

I would like to conclude this article with a simple suggestion that living life slowly in this fast world has a beauty which is hard to explain. So slow down my fellow readers and my dear friends. Spend time with your kids and try to make them involved in your process of repairing things.

I see you next week then 🙂

Love, Laughter, and Peace

Himanshu R Nagpal

Edited by:- Geetika Nagpal


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