Creative vibes

Bringing up the Creativity

A letter to an old frenemy

Dear Ned   Hello, how are you. I hope you are doing well and enjoying the beginning of winters. Last night you sneak ¬†into my room perhaps the window was

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It takes what it takes to become what you want to become.

Recently I was witness to a corporate circus. A corporate house had recruited a group of freshers who had completed their MBA in marketing. They were asked to go to

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You headed out into the murky night The night, It had become your surreal reality. You’d go back to it every day, Back to the black, Unafraid of the shadows

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Your love and my loneliness

Ever felt that incomplete even after having the best inside out in you? Tired of all those tears rolling down the lovely cheeks which were once kissed, memories flashing in

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The Theory of The Evil

A few days back, I attended this Dushera function in my society. I was standing with my family and watching the actors playing mighty Ravana and Lord Rama, fighting with

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