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Bringing up the Creativity

Word is an important WORD

Can you imagine life without words? Can we spend whole day without saying a single word? Sounds difficult, right? It means no words no imagination? The most imperative mode of

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 PART-1 I hugged him and left his shirt wet on the shoulders by my tears. He was the love of my life, my Aayush. I could make out that he

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Is your Work-Out Working Out?

My take on fitness
the education in the area of fitness is important. it is one of those thing in which we believe to attack on the practical part, completely avoiding the theory behind it. it is darn important to understand what you are doing.

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Jim Morgan And The Seven Sins

Author – Bharat Madan Genre – Fiction (Thriller) Creativevibes rating – 3/5 Pages – 304 Publisher – Blurb Jim Morgan And The Seven Sins is a moderate thriller that

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NO means Next Opportunity

I felt deeply dejected, when I got beyond rejected, It was not my limitation.. to fail in this situation. Fate was not seeming happy, that day fear was superlative, I

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The Day Before I Died.- Matryoshka in East.

Author- Ashi Kalim  Genre- love, travel, History. Creativevibes rating- 3/5 Pages- 90 Publisher- Notionpress ISBN-13: 978-1946869319 Blurb It is a story of a Russian Girl, Svetlana. Whose father was a powerful

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