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Are you really responsible for your actions?

  What if everything you did so far, everything you used to feel proud for, everything you blamed yourself for, were not your achievements/faults? May be it was meant to

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Commitment Phobia!!!

Commitment phobia is the fear of involving in a long term relationship.  It is the insecurity or a fear feeling in a person, who is not ready to commit to

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Figmented Reality

Author – Zuko Creative Vibes Rating – 3/5 Genre – Fiction Publication house – Leadstart Corp. (Frog books) ISBN – 978-93-52016-7 No. Of pages – 157 Blurb The Story begins

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The Unpredictable Heart: You May Be A Victim

Author – MoKSh Creative Vibes Rating – 3/5 Genre – Fiction Pages – 110 ISBN- 978-1-4828-5756-6 Publication House – Patridge Blurb The story begins with Mrinav sitting with Jiya and

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Interview With Vibha Nasheen

In an Interesting conversation with Vibha Ma’am, the author of the book “No Longer Caged”, i discovered much about the book as well as about publishing in today’s world. read

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An Interview With Maneesha Agrawal

Maneesha Agarwal (MVG) is a well-read and widely-traveled writer, who started her writing journey through a few published travelogues. She has also worked as an editor (English Language) with an autonomous government body for three years.

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