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The Magic of Prayer…

Prayer! A six letter word which has power to move the mountains. I’m reading these days a lot about Spirits, astral world, paranormal world, life after death, past life regression

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Forgot those simplicity’s and love’s epitome Whom you left alone in an old home, The beings who cared for you the most You did not even consider them at the

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A Note by the Almighty…

Give everything to me Your pain, your sorrow Your love, your devotion The reason for your actions The mistakes you make The choices you made Oh! I will take all

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Yarning of a son

Mrs Sharma was crying while reading a paragraph written by a 4th class boy. Mr. Sharma saw his wife weeping and asked her “What is the matter? “ She replied,

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Leader in Me

Leader in Me.. With a blaze inside the heart, And everything is being depart I feel to cherish the loneliness, Along the captured moments with Abstemiousness.. I plot to deceive

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