The Game of Superiority

The Game of Superiority

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I was sitting in the park, just opposite my home. I was reading this book called “the power of your subconscious mind” written by none other than Dr Joseph Murphy. So suddenly, this beautiful Stray dog called came running to me and sat near my left leg. I started patting his back, and he was enjoying the treatment, as he started moving his tail in a to and fro motion. By the way, I call him Brownie, not because I’m a racist, but because it has these beautiful brown patches on his back

Is your Work-Out Working Out?

Is your Work-Out Working Out?

My take on fitness
the education in the area of fitness is important. it is one of those thing in which we believe to attack on the practical part, completely avoiding the theory behind it. it is darn important to understand what you are doing.

Life at International Space Station

Can we imagine that while eating, fruits are floating in the air? Can we think of swallowing our tooth paste while cleaning our teeth? It sounds weird right? However, these weird things are part of day…



Many of us being adolescents go through many changes which we start blaming on our surroundings and it becomes difficult for us to cope with them but if we are aware about ourselves if we…

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How many of you know about soft skills? I guess all of you. However, maybe you are not aware of importance and benefits of using your soft skills in daily life. Soft skill is a…


Creation shines with pleasure like the sky being azure it always seems new like rain drops few   Creation is a hidden magic And it cannot be tragic It flies like a balloon But cannot…